nce upon a time... in a land not so far away... (this land now known as California) there lived a young programmer who married the fairest maiden in all the land, who just happened to have just begun a career as a real estate agent. The future was uncertain but full of optimism and promise.

Rocket ahead 10 years or so --- and the Internet has started to take hold. So this programmer, known as Greg Mazurek, who has programmed large scale systems such as the automation of Coca-Cola's production and warehousing systems to designing and coding pieces of Bank of America's online banking... took on the task of creating online tools for his fair maiden to utilize to further her real estate career and help build their real estate empire.

With his slaying of the Internet and her sky-rocketing success, their actions did not go unnoticed by the ruler of this land... Sir Broker. Upon discovering the secret to her sudden success, the king lay sacks of gold at the programmers' feet and purchased these Internet tools for the whole office.

The shimmer of this new found gold sparked an entrepreneurial spirit in the programmer and he though to himself, "If I can bring this much success and joy to this small village, just think what I can do when I release these tools to the world!"

Which now brings us this story to the current day.

AgentMarketing has gone through many changes and revisions (from iREagent.com: 1.0 (2002), to Web611.com: 2.0 (2004), to ePropertySites.com (2007): 3.0, to AgentMarketing.com: 4.0 (2012)) to upgrades and into the Web 2.0 looks, the current version of our software is the 4th generation and 4th major re-write of the system. Even with all the new and innovative technologies of current times, we still hold steadfast to the tried and true tools that have worked through the days of yore.

So today AgentMarketing enjoys the position of being the largest privately owned real estate software tool provider in all the land. AgentMarketing started with the single goal of making one real estate agent successful, and today we keep that goal close to our heart (while keeping the costs to a minimum).

We don't answer to fire-breathing shareholders or wicked step-sister investors... we only answer to you, the real estate professional. When we release a new feature, our goal isn't to pay back investors or be persuaded by share holders to increase profits and charge more for these new tools... we include them for your benefit in our Everything plan. We understand how quickly commission checks can shrink and we promise not to nickel and dime you out of business.

So join our AgentMarketing tribe and you too can rule all the land in your real estate empire.
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