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MLS compliant Virtual Tours

MLS Compliant Virtual Tours are amazing!

They help you get more showings on your listings and help you attract more buyers. 

Think about it.  If you have a ton of properties to show and there is one in MLS with a Virtual Tour or a 360 Panoramic Tour you are more apt to look at it and now that you are more exposed to the listing, more apt to show it.   So you have 40 possible listings to show and you are scouring through mls and suddenly you notice one has a Tour.  Aren't you more apt to click on it.  If it is put together well perhaps with a 360 or great slide show, aren't you more likely to feel informed about showing it or not.  As listors, educating our colleagues and buyers is some of the most powerful work we perform.

MLS Compliant Virtual Tours also attract more purchasers.  If there is an Virtual Tour link on a classified site, buyers love media so they are more apt to click on it to see more information.  When buyers click for information, they will stay longer looking at your listing.  That lingering means that they will have more trust for you as the Agent and also, they will now have complete trust in the Seller's and finally the home.  Buyer's are also more apt to schedule a showing because they feel they have the data.  Remember in a modern world, consumers search and search so the one with the most data wins.

Some rules to follow to make your MLS Compliant Virtual Tours stand out:

1.  Upload Tons of HD Photo's (buyers love pictures)

2.  Take and/or stitch panoramic pictures that show more of the home, yard ...etc.

3.  Tell a story with your text that draws people in and makes them want to know more

4.  Have fun...don't see it as a job, the more you love your marketing, the more consumers will

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