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Treating Hard Water in Wichita Kansas

Hard water in Wichita Kansas refers to water that contains high levels of minerals, normally calcium and magnesium. Hard water is not considered a health risk in your home.

It is, however, a nuisance because of the mineral buildup it causes on fixtures and within machines. it also has an effect on soaps and detergents! Hard water negatively effects the preformance of dish washers, water heaters, pipes and solar heating systems. Repeated exposure also dulls the colors of clothing.

A wide variety of treatment methods exist to reduce or soften hard water in Wichita Kansas. Among the methods are chemical water softners and magnetic water conditioners. The traditional water softner unit that uses sodium, or salt, to replace the magnesium and calcium in water is the most popular and widely used. 

There is some concern with the over all effectiveness of magnetic water conditioners though. There is no non-biased scientific proof that confirms this method of treatment as effective, But who needs science. The claim is that by changing the electric charge of the molecules it will cause the hard water minerals not to "stick". There are those that strongly believe in this method of treating hard water so it's possible there could be some merit to it.

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