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Building Permit Wichita Kansas

A building permit in Wichita Kansas is your formal permission from the city or county to start construction, demolition or renovation on your property, home or real estate.

To get a building permit in Wichita you go to the office of central inspection, or OCI. The office is located at City Hall, 455 N Main, on the 7th floor in Wichita Kansas. Call ahead with any questions at 316 268-4648.

Before beginning any renovations or construction a member of the staff of the local government agency must review your plans to ensure compliance with local zoning, by-laws and other applicable regulations. Once everything is in order you will be issued a building permit in Wichita Kansas and can begin working on your project.

While the work is being preformed inspectors will come out at periodic times to make sure everything is being done properly and to code. You'll be issued an actual certificate that the inspector will sign during certain key points during your project. One must wait for that inspection before continuing. Different inspectors for plumbing, electrical, concrete or building will sign off their perspective responsibilities.

A building permit is required from the office of central inspection in Wichita Kansas to:
*Construct a new building
*Make any additions to an existing building.
*Renovate or repair a structure.
*Demolish or remove all or part of a building or structure.
*Change a buildings use.
*Install, change or remove load bearing walls or partitions.
*Make new openings for or change the size of existing openings for doors and/or windows.
*Build a garage, balcony or deck.
*Excavate a basement of construct a foundation.
*Install or modify heating, plumbing or air conditioning.
*Install a wood burning stove or fireplace.
*Construct a basement entrance or second suite.
*Alter or install new plumbing.
This may not be a complete list. It's best to check with the office of central inspection in Wichita Kansas before starting any project to see if you need a building permit. A project started that requires a building permit and doesn't have one will be issued a cease and desist order with possible fines.

Getting a building permit in Wichita Kansas is not a costly or difficult process and a very good idea to do so.

If you have any questions about getting a building permit in Wichita Kansas please contact me.


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