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Products Made in the USA cheaper than OursourcedProducts

It’s amazing the perception that there is in this country about the cost of products made outside of the US.  I have  dogs – spoiled dogs – and they eat lots of treats during the day!  I am so sick and tired of all these “organic natural” treats coming in from China as I KNOW that there is no regulations from the FDA for the quality of pet products.  I just KNOW they can say anything and yet put in ground ears, feet, and goodness knows what else and all call them “natural”.  I get so excited when I see a dog treat actually MADE in the USABixby’s is made in Colorado. Unfortunately is is super expensive.  That being said I got an amazing e mail from a colleage that I just had to share on this blog. It blew me away!  Hard to believe but I DO!

A report by Diana Sawyer (not sure when) stated that our politicians and top CEO’s have pushed for trade to China and Mexico for years.  I really never understood that,  as DUH we know labor is dirt cheap – however it puts Americans out of work and closes plants.  So here is the analysis of this e mail.  Evidently COSCO sells Goodyear wiper blades for almost half the price outside of Cosco and they are MADE in the USA.  Did you know that there is no electric coffee maker made in the US…seriusly does Starbucks even KNOW this???  The only kitchen appliances made in the US is VIKING.  Hurray for me as that is my new refrigerator as it costs as much to buy a Sub Zero as it does a SMALL car..   How can people evven SPEND $7000 or a refrigrator...does it buy and cook the food?

Did you know HALLMARK CARDS WERE MADE IN CHINA!  And where is the value as they are ridiculously expensive.  I hear Dollar Tree has 50 cent cards and made in the USA.  Just have to find out where Dollar Tree is?  Walmart has waste baskets made in China for $6.99.  Another department had some for $2.50 and made in the USA.  Looked just as good.  Kitchens rug- we had to search but found some made in the USA— what a great concept!  And they were $3.00 CHEAPER.   We truly do believe that everything that comes from China and Mexico is cheaper… YES cheaper to MAKE but more expensive to BUY!!!   What a learning experience – one brain cell at a time!

What happened to “Hershey, Pennsylvania” as Hershey bars are now marked “made in Mexico”.  Did an entire town DISSAPPEAR???  I actually went to Hershey Pennsylvania…and toured the plant!  tHERE WA AN entire TOWN!!!    Colgatte is made in Mexico — Crest made in the USA.  Seriously aren’t your teeth happier with Crest anyway?  Light bulbs — do you know that GE bulbs cost MORE than Everday Value brand and they are made in Mexico, everyday Value brand are, are you ready, Made in the USA – Cleveland, Ohio.  Bounce Dryer Sheets at Everyday Value cost less than Bounce which is made in Canada and YES made in the USA.   READ those labels folks!

I truly think that we have to start reading the labels when we shop for every day things and see what we can find that is made in the USA.  Let’s save all the jobs we can as our government is tending to “say they are” but they totally encourage outsourcing or it would have NEVER started.  It’s great to share trade- we make this,  you make that – but not “you make everything” and we have NO middle class JOBS! because YOU are making the products!!!

Let’s stop buying from overseas companies — we are sending jobs there and should have figured this out decades ago!  We have to start taking things into our own hands.  Sometimes I think the government couldn’t run a 7/11  …sad!

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