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Happy first day of autumn everyone!

Happy first day of autumn everyone!

 Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  It is a fresh start for teachers and students, the fall sports programs are getting going, and my Denver Broncos are playing.  Living in Colorado gives us weekends to drive up to the Rocky Mountains where we can see the burst of orange, red and yellow leaves that shroud the white and black bark aspen trees surrounded by the tall blue spruce and lodge pole pines.   

The elk are bugling and showing off their strength to the ladies while white tail and mule deer romp around playfully with the cooler air.  The chipmunks and squirrels are working hard to gather enough food for the winter soon to come while fish can be seen swimming upstream for their annual trek to spawn.

There are so many smells of fall too.  Raking leaves and mowing the lawn the last few times before the winter hits are even more pronounced with the cooler air.  Nothing beats the crackle of a fire outside while roasting marshmallows and enjoying them over the fire pit in the backyard as the days get shorter.  And the smell of a freshly baked pumpkin pie and some hot apple cider just makes the longer nights better.

Northern Colorado has a special place in my heart because of the climate.  I love that we have distinct seasons here, and for me, the cooler fall temperatures are satisfying.  Taking a long walk along the Poudre trail or around one of the many parks around town is pleasant and peaceful.  Watching as the Canadian geese fly though the area sometimes in the hundreds makes me think about how by design even we humans move from time to time.

Unlike the geese that fly because that’s what they do, people usually have different reasons for moving.

What is your why? 

That’s one of the questions I think is important to understand when you’re moving.  Did you get a new job or do you want to live closer to the place you work?  Are you starting a family or are you like me and the kids are all grown up and just don’t quite need all the room?  Are you tired of renting and are ready to start putting that money into a better investment vehicle?  Maybe like the geese, and you’re just looking for a warmer climate, but for whatever your reason, make sure your real estate professional understands you and your needs.

Enjoy the season everyone! 

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