SMS Lead Generation

Take advantage of the booming SMS craze and capture more leads than you ever thought possible.

We give you unlimited text codes (can be customized) that potential buyers will contact for information about a home, and we will capture every requester's mobile phone number. This allows you to collect leads with little effort - real estate text codes we're taking the busy work out of the process!

Real Estate Text Codes

A custom text code comes free with each property website you set up. A unique code will be assigned to each property so that interested buyers can text the number and be taken directly to your property website.

Skill in the art of communication is crucial to a persons success.

- Anonymous

You also have the option to auto-respond to text code inquiries with a concise property info message. These text codes can be added to your signs, flyers, or other locations for maximum exposure. Prospective buyers will be inclined to inquire about properties through this method because of the ease of use on their part. You will easily relay information about properties and collect phone numbers of interested people, all automatically through this convenient feature.
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