3 Steps to a Great Instagram Profile Photo

Things I Learned – Social Media Series

Never put much thought into your Instagram profile photo?  Well you should, especially if it’s for your business!  Think about it.  When you go on Instagram and search something you will find pages to visit.  One of the first things you will see when visiting a page is the profile photo.  That photo can entice you to keep looking, maybe even engage in the CTA (Call To Action) or it could totally lose your interest and you leave the page.

Your Instagram profile photo is the face of your account.  It is a visual representation of your account across the Instagram platform.  It is displayed as a circle or a square depending on where you are viewing it on Instagram so make sure it is centered and will look good both ways.

There are three keys to a good profile photo for your Instagram account.  First, it should be a symbolic representation and simple.  What do I mean by symbolic representation?  It should represent your business, brand, self or be your logo.  If you are a business, your logo would be a good profile photo (other ideas would be good too).  Using your logo immediately brands you when someone visits your Instagram page.  

Here is an example of not representing your brand in an optimal way:

You do not know what they do, make or sell just by looking at the profile photo. The profile photo should either be a logo, or even a photo of their brand and products they sell. It needs to represent the business and the brand.

Third, make sure you have a high quality image.  It needs to be sharp.  Expertphotography.com recommends the size to be 180×180 pixels.  Doing so ensures a high-quality image on both the web and on your mobile device. Just think, if you went to a business’ Instagram page and there was a poor quality, grainy or blurry photo, what does that say about that business? Make it high quality!

This should give you a few simple ways to really optimize your Instagram profile photo.  Who knew so much thought needed to go into your profile photo?  With these few key recommendations, you can really make your brand, yourself or your business more recognizable and keep people interested in your page and of course, get them to engage in that CTA.