5 Often Missed Social Sharing Ideas

Things I Learned – Social Media Series

When talking about social media, one big question people have is “How will people outside my network see my post content?”  This can be for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or other social media platforms.  I have learned there are several ways people can get to your content.  

The first and most obvious is by people searching for you or your business using Google or any other search engine. When someone does this, your social media pages can be located.  This could also bring up your website, YouTube channel or other platforms.

Something that is too often overlooked is to link all your social media to your website home page. Be sure to have the links either in the top header or the footer of the site. These icons lead people right to your different social media pages on the different social media platforms.  From there, they can “like”, comment, follow, and subscribe to keep up with you on social media.  

An additional easy way for them to find your social posts is through your email signature.  Have your social media icons there too!  With every email you send, you are allowing people to connect with you on social media.  

Facebook Ads are a way to reach outside of your sphere too.  These are easy to create and a great way to get your name, business and your listings out there.  These can reach thousands of people and can be very efficient for the least amount of money.

Your first few tags are the most important…

Don’t forget that YouTube is actually the second largest search engine in the world! If they go to YouTube and use a keyword that is also a tag on one of your videos, your content can come up in that YouTube search as well.  I’ve learned that your first few tags are the most important, but most especially that first tag.

These are just some of the ways to help get your name out there to get more exposure.  Keep in mind that exposure equals both impressions and views.  The more of these things you can take advantage of, obviously, the more beneficial for you and your business.