5 Tools You Can Offer Agents

Many Real Estate agents are finding themselves in one of the toughest markets they have ever experienced. They are seeing fewer closings and new listings are much more difficult to attain. In turn, agents have fewer dollars to spend on the marketing they need to keep them growing and moving through this epidemic.

This situation has created the perfect environment for you to jump in and offer the resources they need to succeed. And, we know that if you can be a valuable resource to your agent partners – that just means more business for everyone involved. AgentMarketing can provide your agents the tools – at no cost to them – to promote their business and their listings. Here’s five things you can offer agents in this difficult time…

1. Property Sites (w/ Shared Branding)

A fully automated multi-page site for every property is great! Each property site gets the agent’s name out there, the property to the masses and each site is all about the property itself. They also give acknowledgement to the agent and the LO, which is great for the potential client visiting the site. Not only are these sites highly customizable, they are also modernized to highlight the best pictures, features and videos of the property itself. You can tie so many great tools to these sites that they are a one-stop-shop for agents and clients alike.

Check out our live examples!

2. Virtual Tours.

With all the limits we now have on showing properties, it’s the perfect time to display more online media. People are visual beings and having videos and tours on the property, paired with music is something that resonates. The AgentMarketing system creates a virtual tour that can be repurposed on social media as well as the MLS. This gives you a leg up on the competition by giving these tools to agents right out of the gate. Having them leverage these types of advancements makes it easier for them to grab leads and really show their potential client what they can do. The agent looks good which in turn makes you look good!

3. Lead Generation Tools.

We incorporate lead generation tools into all our property sites. We have a lead generating registration pop-up that is automatically added to each  property site.  You can have it be required before seeing the property site or an optional form.  Better yet, each property site gets its own unique text code so that interested buyers can request more information about the property!  Agents can also create free standing landing pages which can of course be shared across social channels and websites. 

4. Open House Announcements.

Open houses and gathering customer information to schedule open houses has become an absolute necessity for any agent to survive this environment. Since our property sites communicate directly with the MLS, open house information will be displayed on their property sites. We even have a separate open house scheduling system that can be used in lieu of the MLS system and can provide additional lead gathering opportunities.

 Our open house feature not only gives a countdown, it also lets them add it to their calendar so they can be reminded. The other cool thing about that feature is once the dates and times are put in, they can then directly post that Open House Announcement to Facebook. This alleviates any double work!

 5. Listing Presentations.

 Having a listing presentation is one tool that can either make or break the potential of an agent getting a listing. We have two options: an auto-generated listing presentation which is up to standard and highly functional for agents that are very busy and need something last minute and we have ones that are highly customizable that makes the presentation feel more personal.

 The listing presentation is a crucial tool in the agent’s arsenal and part of what you’ll be providing at no cost to them! We provide both a digital version which can be customized with sliding graphics and music and a printable version that can be printed right from your home computer.

Bonus. Social Media Posting Tool

Every property has social media sharing icons that make it easy for agents to share their property websites on various social channels. We know that things get hectic out there and so we’ve even added an auto-posting tool. Through the magic of Zapier, agents can set up either Hootsuite or Buffer and they can then automatically schedule their listing for sharing on their social channels. Bonus!