Best Practices for a Listing Presentation

Your listing presentation is your first impression to a seller of how you conduct your business and why they should choose you to sell their home.  You want it to stand out, be cutting-edge and really let the sellers know about you and how you sell a house. The listing presentation can be printed or electronic, but if you really want to impress them I would recommend the electronic route.  There are a few key points and we will be going through those here.

All The Information

First, make sure you have information about yourself and your business.  Including an ‘About Me’ page will give the seller a sense of who you are.  On that page, make sure you include information about how you got into real estate, any passions you have, any charities or events in which you participate.  If you want, have another page about HOW you work. Include your processes, the order you do things, etc. Remember though, this is also a LISTENING appointment and depending on what the sellers’ needs/wants are, you can change your processes and how you work (make sure to let them know that).

You will want to customize the listing presentation for the listing.  If you want, create a single property website for the listing ahead of time so they can really visualize what some of your marketing looks like.  This can make the homeowner feel valued from the very beginning. If there are any “techy” things you use to market a listing, show them! Things like website text messaging, QR codes or any other cool feature.  This could help you stand out from other realtors they meet with and win you the listing.

Let Them Compare

Make sure you have a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) as part of the listing presentation as well.  You could either have a printed one, or create pages on your electronic listing presentation that are geared towards their home and their CMA.  Adding these to your presentation is a great way to show the seller you were prepared for the appointment and spent time on their presentation!  

Looking Good

Always use high quality photos.  Nothing would look worse to a potential client than to see a presentation and the photos are blurry and grainy.  That potential client could be thinking “Well that is not what I want if they market my home. That would be embarrassing.”  That kind of first impression is not what you want. Kind of on the same note, make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors in your listing presentation.  Again, not a good first impression.

Watch your branding and the “look” of the presentation as well.  Make sure your listing presentation has the same look as your other marketing materials and websites.  As for the pages themselves, the fewer the bullet points the better and the less text the better. The pages should just support your presentation, not be the entire presentation and everything you say.  For colors, think about using cool colors (green, blue, purple and variations of those three) for backgrounds. Use warm colors (red, yellow, orange and variations) for foreground (text). Even the font is important!  First, you should be able to read it from the back of a room. Next, San Serif fonts tend to work best in these kinds of presentations. Make sure it is a professional font – not anything strange or curly or hard to read.

Get Creative

Throughout this article we give you ways to build a strong listing presentation.  Remember that you can also get a little creative too! But remembering some of these key points will help you build that strong listing presentation and help you stand out from the rest of the crowd of real estate agents looking to get that same listing.