Best Practices for Marketing a Listing

Marketing a listing is a big reason a seller hired you to sell their home.  There are a lot of things you can do to market a home for sale.  Below are some ideas to get you started!

Single Property Website

First, the single property website for the home.  Make sure it is an attractive layout that complements the home (sounds strange but I’ve seen website layouts that just look yuck with certain homes).  Make sure you have enough photos of the home – at least 20 – and they are from different areas of the home (and get the seller to tidy up – no picture looks good with a pile of laundry or a sink full of dishes in it).  Have a great description – more than just a spew of bedrooms and bathrooms and overall features of the home.  Really help the reader get a feel for the home.  It helps.  Also, don’t forget about floorplans.  The National Association of Realtors says the top three most valuable website features about online properties is: Photos (87%), Detailed information about the properties (85%), Floor Plans (52%).

Once you get the single property website created for the house, where do you put it?  There are a lot of places to advertise the property.  

Get Social

Post to social media.  Everyone seems to be on social media these days so start there – Facebook and Instagram are a priority.  Give the property website links to your sellers as well.  Then they can post to their social media accounts too. Create Facebook Ads for the home or even just for any open house you have.  The National Association of Realtors also states that in 2019 the top tech tools that give the highest quality leads are: Social Media (47%), MLS Site (32%), Brokerage’s Website (29%).


Create a blog for the property.  This allows you another avenue to advertise the listing.  With a blog, make sure it isn’t the same information that is on the single property website because then Google dumps it as duplicate content.  Add some photos of the home and think outside the box.  Maybe add in community information, like photos around the community, community event links or information, weather, history, landmarks – anything you want!


Get that For Sale sign out in the yard!  And make it stand out!  Have a custom sign created with your branding colors/theme.  Make the layout unique so that it doesn’t look like everyone else’s if you can.  If it is a higher-end home, think about a really custom sign with some important home features and even a few photos of the inside of the home.  Don’t forget the sign rider with your For Sale sign. Make sure it has a text code on it so drive-bys can text for more information on the listing!  Super way to get leads for you.


Don’t forget the print!  Print flyers for the listing.  Don’t forget to have good information and several stand-out photos of the home. Also include the text code for even more information, the link to the single property website and of course, don’t forget your information.  Want to stand out a bit more?  Have a custom flyer template so that it isn’t the basic black and white, or white background and typical layout.  Think about other print material too, like postcards to door-knock with or mail out, door hangers, etc.

Open Houses

Have open houses! This obviously allows people into the home to see it firsthand. Right now though, that may mean virtual open houses or home tours! One idea is to have a custom pop up on your property website so people fill it out and make an appointment for a virtual walk through with you. Another idea is to advertise on Facebook or Instagram for a scheduled Facebook Live (or Instagram Live) home tour for a specific day and time(s). But, when things return to real open houses again, think about what you could add to it.  Make sure to have flyers out (see advice on that above), have business cards (property business cards are a really neat way to advertise the listing and yourself), and ready for this…..water in bottles with custom water bottle labels on them advertising the home and you (these may go home with the visitors and they see that home and your information – way to stand out!).  Don’t forget to advertise your open house on your single property website and post that to social media too!

There are so many ways to market a listing – I’m sure more than are listed here.  This is just to get you started with some simple but practical ways to get that listing advertised.  These are effective! With these things in your arsenal, can help you stand out from the rest of the pack!