Connecting During Quarantine

1. Clean up your CRM

Nobody wants to spend time cleaning but cleaning up your CRM could significantly increase the quality of your communications with potential customers. A CRM’s effectiveness is magnified when your client profiles are filled with useful information. So, what does a clean CRM look like? First, make sure any contacts that are no longer valid have been removed. Then, take the time to really fill out the information on the contacts you decide to keep. Do your best to have the following information on each lead:

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Closing Dates (where valid)
  • Social Media Profiles / Handles

Having this information will allow you to communicate with your leads in a much more personal way. If you have their social media profiles, you should spend some time looking at their feeds to see how you might be able to interact with them. Also, looking at their feeds will likely give you some ideas on the kind of content you should be creating for your own feed and/or blog.

2. Create A Newsletter

Now that your CRM is so fresh and so clean, your next step is to create a killer newsletter or drip campaign. There are a few key things to consider when creating your email drips and newsletters.

  • Make sure all your email templates are on-brand. Be sure to include your logo and use colors that match your overall branding.
  • Keep it simple! You don’t want to write emails that are so long your prospects will never read through the full message. In that vein, make it ‘skimmable’. That means using clear headers and bullet points.
  • For newsletters, think about what’s special about a particular month (IE: Thanksgiving in November) and design your content and style around that event. For drip e-mails, try to tell a story. Even if it’s only one section of the email, make sure you have a theme. For example, a section about what’s hot for home design is something you can do every email.

3. Call/text 10 past clients to check in on them.

Set aside some time each day to make 10 phone calls to your inner circle. These can be clients, friends and family members. Talk to them about what’s going on in their lives, tell them about your new normal, and of course, chat about the real estate market. If they’ve been considering some sort of real estate transaction, it will surely come up.

Don’t stop with phone calls. Try shooting off 10 emails and text messages to people you know, letting them know that you’re thinking of them and that you hope they’re well. This sort of outreach spurs conversation and creates a connection.

Finally, find 10 people that you can thank, with a personalized, hand-written card. Doing this can make a world of difference for someone – it shows people you care and are thinking of them during this challenging time.

4. Create Social Media Content

Using social media is a great way to stay connected to your family, friends, clients, and prospects. Since so many people are at home right now, take this as an opportunity to reach more of your sphere on social media. Also, since everyone is going to be on social media while at home, try and make sure you are creating content that will entice them and make sure you keep yourself top of mind with them.

To make sure you are getting in front of new followers, research what tags you should be using, when you should be posting, how many posts you should be posting, and so on. That will not only increase your following but also keep all your followers very well informed and entertained. Working on your social media skills is always a good idea and if you want to really dig in, think about taking a free or inexpensive Udemy course.

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