Creating Creative Content

Writing a blog may sound easy, but there are more things to it than meets the eye.  It isn’t just writing down feelings or stories or facts about something. It involves other things to help reach its audience. There are several things you will want to remember when writing a blog.


First and perhaps most important, figure out why you are blogging.  What are you wanting to accomplish with this blog? Are you wanting to inform folks about real estate matters – buying and selling, market statistics, etc?  Are you wanting to just entertain folks with random subject blogs mixed with real estate stuff too? Whatever the reason, figure that out first because that will shape the path of your blog.


Create content that your audience wants.  It should be something you are passionate about, but make sure you know your audience.  According to Blogging Explorer, when you target a very specific audience, you have a better idea about what they need and want.  Your blog posts will be the perfect answers to the questions and problems your target audience is facing.  So stay consistent and laser-focused on helping and connecting with your audience. When they find something useful or helpful or informative, they are more likely to share it with others.

Write good content.  Don’t just put out content for the sake of saying “I’m putting out lots of content.”  Think about it this way – quality over quantity. This goes back to keeping your target audience engaged.  As soon as they think your content is irrelevant, or lacking in some way or in many ways, they will go find more useful and relevant content.

The Keys

BlogPress tells us “most keywords are three to five word phrases.  Keywords, in a nutshell, are what you are searching for. Whatever you type in Google (or Bing, Yahoo, or whatever) is a keyword or a string of keywords.”  There are a few key steps to keep in mind with keywords: 

  1. Pick the keyword or keyword phrase you want to use throughout the blog post
  2. Be sure you don’t overuse it and it’s use always makes sense
  3. Don’t just use it in bulleted lists.  Make sure it’s in the actual paragraph text too. Most experts say the optimum keyword density is between 1-3%. Remember, balance is really important.

If you link out to another website, that is considered an external link.  Moz says “top SEOs believe that external links are the most important source of ranking power.  External links pass link equity (ranking power) differently than internal links because the search engines consider them as third-party votes.”  So if you can, link an outside site, then see if they will back-link to you. That is considered the third-party vote.

Mobile Friendly

Make your blog posts portable and mobile friendly.  Everyone is on their phone or tablet for a period of time (or a long period of time) everyday!  Make sure they have an easy way to view and read your blog. People may start reading a blog at work on a PC, then move to their phone or tablet.  Advice says to have your blogs in different formats, like video, social posts, podcasts and other formats so it’s available and easy to “read” no matter the device and no matter the location.

Clever Not Click-Bait

The headline of your blog is important!  You should have a clever headline for any post.  You want to draw a reader in to read your blog and come back for future ones. tells us that “6 out of 10 people only read a blog’s headline before they share the post on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.”  They also say to do the following things when coming up with a blog headline: “1) Use numbers; 2) Include your target keyword phrase; 3) Experiment with parentheses; and 4) Weave in a secondary keyword.”  The blog headline tells the reader what the blog is about just enough to peak their curiosity.  As long as you peak their curiosity, they will keep reading and even sharing your blog.

As you can see there are lots of things that go into writing a blog and I’m sure there are many more than these.  I’ve just tried to highlight a few that are easy enough to implement, especially for those just starting out. Just remember, keep your audience in mind during the whole blog writing process because without them.  The success of your blog is in their hands.