Did You Know?? – AgentMarketing Has a Form Builder!

Did you know that AgentMarketing now has its very own Form Builder?  We do!  We created this form builder to give you the ease and ability to customize a form to your needs.  You may not always need the typical form of email, name, phone number.  Sometimes you need something a little different – or maybe a lot different!  This is where the Form Builder comes in.

AgentMarketing’s Form Builder allows you to build the form with exactly what you need.  Maybe you only need the email field.  What if you want a form so someone can schedule an appointment?  Maybe you just want to quickly find out some specific information from someone.  Whatever your need may be, the form builder should be able to fill it. Prototypr.io has some good tips to help out with forms and form fields.

It’s very easy to create a form from scratch.  All you have to do is start choosing which fields you want in your form.  Once you have done this, you can drag and drop them in the order you want them.  You can also edit each field – rename it, add instructions for that field, etc.  If you are building a drop down menu, radio buttons or checkboxes you have the flexibility to create all of the choices someone can choose from.  

Once the form is complete and you have the fields exactly how you want them, you can then customize what happens after someone fills out and submits the form.  You can choose to show a custom message or even redirect them to another website once they submit it.  Want to automatically send an email to them?  Go for it!  You can choose to have an email automatically sent to someone, as long as they enter their email address when filling out the form.

Now that I have created my completely custom form, what do I do with it?  Well you can use these custom forms in several areas.  First, you can use it as a pop up when someone visits your personal website.  You can also use it on any page of your website.  The custom forms can also be used on the Landing Pages and as a pop up on your single property websites. Right now, what better way to schedule a virtual showing for your listings! You can have them schedule right from the property website pop-up and when submitted, you will be given their information about when they would like a virtual showing.

Custom forms are a great way to really get information you want.  They are simple to create and easy to use.  Why settle for just generic information, when you could really get some great information from your leads as to what they need or what they are looking for.  This makes you more effective in your business and can help save time when trying to get information.