Did You Know? – AgentMarketing Has Pre-Built Sites for Lead Generation!

Let’s face it.  Leads are important.  You need them in order to get business.  Landing pages are a great way to generate leads. Landing pages can be pre-built or you can build them yourself. HubSpot says:  “A landing page eliminates distractions by removing navigation, competing links, and alternate options so you capture your visitor’s undivided attention. And complete attention means you can guide your visitor where you’d like them to go, i.e., to your lead form. In sum, landing pages are specifically designed to create conversions.”  

AgentMarketing has pre-built sites that are great for generating leads.  We call them pre-built because we “built” them for you.  There is nothing you need to do to create them.  You just need to go out there and use them!  They are already branded with your information, photo and logo. They also come with information that is geared to a specific audience.  Each one of the pre-built sites also has a contact form that interested people can fill out with their information.

First, there is a My Listings pre-built site.  This one showcases your active listings as well as any listings you have sold that are in your AgentMarketing account.  The nice thing about this is you can send this site to anyone or advertise with it and people can click on any home to see the single property website for it!  The layout is simple, your information is at the top and the contact form is at the bottom.

Then there is the List With Me pre-built site.  It can be used to generate more leads and listings.  Find more homes to sell by highlighting all the services you offer. Help home-sellers see the value in choosing you as the real estate agent they can trust.  It gives them different things you can do to market their home (using features from our system) – like a YouTube video, flyers, virtual tour and more.  This is a great site to post on your Facebook business page or even create Facebook Ads with it.

The third pre-built site is the CMA Report.  This is another good lead generation tool for your arsenal.  We all know that setting the right price from the start is among the most important steps toward successfully selling a home. This CMA Report allows a home-seller to enter their address and their information.  Then you can whip up a comparative market analysis right from your AgentMarketing account for them.  Again, feel free to use this pre-built site to advertise wherever you would like!

The next pre-built site is for FSBO Prospecting.  Want to work with For Sale By Owners?  This would be a great site to use for that.  Send prospective FSBO clients a quick page about your services and how you can offer them a good commission with fast results.  This site explains how you can easily help them market their listing better, get more exposure for it and sell it faster.  Don’t forget!  It also has the contact form down at the bottom. People can fill out their information here.

Now, if you are a loan officer, check this out…we even have a special pre-built site for you to help with Agent Prospecting.  Yep, we built you a site to help you approach agents and grow your team!  Show agents all the quick and easy services you can offer them by utilizing AgentMarketing tools. This site gives an overview of what is included. It even has a nice little video for agents to watch to give a fun visual!  We want to help you be successful with agents and this is the first step toward that success.

One last thing, you will notice on your Pre-Built Sites page that some of the sites have multiple URLs.  We just wanted to give you a choice of which one you want to use.   For example, for the CMA Report site you have a choice of three different URLs.  They all lead to the exact same page, it’s just the URLs that are different.  Choose the one you want and start marketing to get more leads!