Did You Know? – Digital and Print Media From Our Design Lab!

You need social media posts and print material to make you stand out from other real estate agents, loan officers or brokers.  It is also important to stay in front of your clients and your sphere.  You can do that from our Design Lab by creating as many social media posts as you want. Plug them into something like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule them out or you can also easily post them manually to social media.  According to wishpond.com: “ The best realtors use social media as an extension of themselves to reach more clients and capitalize on their competitive advantage.  Social media provides a way to further connect with your local clients and support your real estate marketing efforts. Social media, done well, builds trust and extends your reach to people who you may have not met otherwise.”

You can also stay top of mind by creating your own print material to mail out or use with your contacts or others. Things like postcards, door hangers, folded cards, etc. “When it comes to local marketing campaigns, print materials are a tried and tested way of reaching consumers and getting ahead as a realtor. Do everything you can to create beautiful, eye-catching and informative designs that will draw your target audience online. Back this up with a comprehensive and intuitive website” (www.chilliprinting.com) either for a listing or for your business. 

The Design Lab in AgentMarketing (we have a video for that!) allows you to create social media posts, email images, as well as different types of print material to send out.  You may be saying “No, this will just take too long.  I don’t have the extra time to design things too!” The nice thing about the Design Lab is that you can “design” or edit as little or as much as you want with our templates.  We have lots of templates/posts to choose from with different looks and subject matter.  Also, each of your listings has its own Design Lab that will autofill the property information so that you have even less editing to do.  For the property specific Design Lab, just click on the Tools icon for that property.

First, for a social media post you can use the Square Digital Ads in the Design Lab.  These are great for Facebook and Instagram.  Once you click on the Square Digital Ad section, you will see a lot of different templates to choose from.  Choose your template and it will open up in the editor.  Here, like I mentioned, you can edit and change as little or as much as you want on the design.  Once you like your social media post, click Save File, then View File and download to your computer from there.  Super easy and we even give you instructions on posting it to Facebook and Instagram!

Examples of the Square Digital Ad Templates

The Template Editor

Second, let’s talk about print marketing materials.  We give you different types of print material to design and order in the Design Lab.  Materials like postcards, door hangers, business cards, notecards and other things to help you reach more potential clients.  You can click on the 8×5 Postcards section in the Design Lab and choose a design that you like.  Then, like the social media posts, you can edit as little or as much as you want on the design.  Then click Save File and View File.  At this point, you will be able to place an order for the Postcards right from the Design Lab!  You can choose to have them shipped to you, or if you are ordering over 200, we have bulk mailing as an option for you.  All you have to do is upload a file with names and addresses in the shopping cart!

Print Material Options in the Design Lab

Postcard Templates in the Design Lab

As you can see, with this Design Lab, we give you more ways to reach out to past, present and potential clients.  It’s an easy and fast way to stay in front of your audience and even reach new audience members.  Remember, you can change as little or as much as you want with our templates in the Design Lab.  The sky’s the limit so feel free to get creative with it!