Get Your Brand On Point – Did You Know? – AgentMarketing Has Customization!

Customizing your brand is really important to help you become more consistently noticed. It helps you stand out from other agents.  According to Constant Contact:  “Real estate marketing has two primary goals:

  1. To get the attention of people who want to buy or sell a home
  2. To establish your knowledge of real estate and your market

Branding helps you do both.  By giving your professional identity an aesthetic and a voice, your brand sets you apart from the crowd”.

Print Marketing

AgentMarketing has ways for you to customize your brand and keep it consistent across digital and print marketing.  First, there is the Print Shop.  From this area in your AgentMarketing account you can order property-specific print material, as well as custom print items.  If you want to order custom print items, just scroll down to the bottom and click on Contact Our Print Shop.  There you can start choosing what you want to customize. Describe your ideas or what you want for that piece of print marketing.  Don’t forget about your property-specific print material.  This can be customized too!  Then your custom layouts will be ready to order anytime you want for a specific property.  Remember, you want all of your print marketing to stay on brand (same colors/theme/look).   Once you put in your Print Shop customization, our graphics team will get back to you with a quote (it’s a small price to pay to stand out from those other agents!). Then they will work up the design. 

Digital Marketing

Second, there is the Customization Request.  This is for your digital marketing customization.  For this, go to your Dashboard and at the very top of the page click on Customization Request.  You can request customization for things like a single property website layout, personal website, landing page, and just about any other digital marketing in your AgentMarketing account.  You want to make sure to give a very detailed description about what you are wanting.  The more detailed, the better the graphics team can see your vision!  Just like the Print Shop customizations, our graphics team will get back to you with a quote (if needed), then a design.

Wrapping It All Up

Lastly, wrapping it all up.  Once you have all your branding consistent across digital platforms and print, people will start to notice.  You want people to have your business card, then maybe get a postcard from you – same branding.  Maybe that same person drives down the street and sees a For Sale sign of yours in a yard – same branding.  What do you think this does for you?  It keeps you top-of-mind for people when they are looking to buy or sell a home.  And it makes you easily recognizable if all of your branding is consistent.  Constant Contact also tells us: “A strong brand unifies your online and offline marketing strategies. When you have a set brand color scheme, logo, and voice, your printed materials and digital marketing all clearly come from you. This unified image helps people to remember who you are and what you have to offer, and it instantly boosts your professionalism.”