Great Brokers Create Excellent Agents

As a Broker, you have agents that represent you. If you have successful agents, it makes the brokerage successful.  Successful agents also create an atmosphere that’s great for recruiting. So, what are some of the things you can provide them which will move the needle toward success?

Invest in Tech

Investing in technology that helps move the needle for your agents will put a definite “pro” in the recruiting column. Good technology will give the agents tools to market their listings, market themselves, manage leads and generate leads.  Also, make sure you have someone in your brokerage that can train new agents on the technology, and assist any of your agents with questions regarding the technology – kind of like a mentor. Whatever tech-tools you pick, make sure the provider does a great job of supporting your agents and provides some level of training and training resources. You don’t want to give your people tools that look pretty and have zero effect because no-one knows how to use them!


Make sure your agents have support.  Nothing would be worse for an agent than to feel like there is no support for them in their brokerage.  Feeling like you have no one to turn to with questions and problems is a quick way to get an agent out the door and into another brokerage. Make sure each new agent has an assigned mentor. If you’re a small brokerage, that just might be you for the time being. Don’t stop there, be sure you set up mentoring meetings. Even if it’s fifteen minutes on the calendar for each week to go over any questions they might have and to offer them advice and guidance.

Continuing Education

Agents always need to be on top of their game.  Providing continuing education for them, in the office setting if possible, is another way to support them (and recruit new agents).  This continuing education could be over the technology you use (holding regular classes to go through the technology and its features), changes in real estate rules and regulations, or anything else you want! You might also consider getting them involved in some of the courses provided by your local MLS Board. Look into what’s available and if it’s of value make sure you have agents increasing their knowledge. Of course you want to balance learning time with selling time. However, some directed and strategic learning time will greatly increase the value of their selling time.

Amazing Culture

Provide an amazing culture and office space.  Make sure when you and your agents walk into the office, you are all proud and excited to be there.  Make it fun! No one said an office had to be boring! Create a culture that helps you stand out from other brokerages.  This makes another great recruiting tool and a great way to keep agents. Be known around the community for your outreach, culture and any community events in which you participate.

As a broker, you have a lot of responsibility to your agents.  Setting up a successful brokerage takes hard work and perseverance, but the payoff will be well worth it!  Make sure to think back to what you wanted/wished you had when you started off in the business and rise up from there!