How to Drive Leads Using the Best Mobile Marketing Strategies?

Active mobile phone usage increasingly becomes the standard amongst the vast majority of the consumers. People use their mobile phones to perform tasks, read, watch videos, listen to music, do research, look up catalogs of various items and goods, and just entertain themselves. 

According to GSMA real-time intelligence data, there are now over 5.15 Billion people with mobile devices worldwide. This means that 66.60% of the world’s population has a mobile device (cell phone, tablet or cellular-enabled IoT devices). For many industries, this info was an indicator that marketing and selling their goods and services on mobile platforms is the right way to go. 

After all, if so many people are into using their mobile devices all day long, they will surely be more susceptible to marketing and advertising which is done through the mobile platform itself.

Besides the increasing popularity of smartphones, in the current technological market, every major smartphone developing company is trying its best to create the biggest screen to body ratio for their device. Smartphones are getting bigger screens which means that consuming any type of content on your smartphone is much easier than it ever was before.

According to Statista, 3.3 billion smartphone users in the world today, meaning that there are a lot of screens to use for marketing purposes. With these staggering statistics, it would be only logical for marketers to consider implementing mobile marketing strategies.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy aimed at reaching a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices. This is done through channels like websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps. In short, mobile marketing involves strategies and means to promote a business, market or sell a product through mobile devices to consumers.

Why Should You Care About Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing has many advantages over other more traditional and well-established marketing channels.

The first obvious advantage is the sheer number of users that consume content on their mobile devices daily. Part of the reason why content consumption is so easy is due to the increasing size of the mobile device screens. Only this should be enough for marketers to have no doubt on mobile marketing. 

If it’s still not sufficient, consider the accessibility that mobile marketing platforms give to their users. Today, people are spending a lot of time on their smartphones, whether they are reading news, browsing through social media websites or watching YouTube. Most of the users keep their smartphones within their reach throughout the whole day, no matter if they are at work, outside or in their homes. Because of this, mobile marketing strategies have a bigger chance of succeeding and reaching a bigger audience.

In addition to the mentioned advantages, mobile marketing stands out with its cost-efficiency as well. Marketers won’t be spending so much of their funding on SMS and email campaigns as they might spend on radio or television advertising. 

More so, implementing QR code marketing or optimizing a website for mobile devices is also cheaper than using traditional media. If marketers can create an effective mobile marketing strategy, they can be sure to expect a high return on their investments.

Now that you got to know the real benefits and advantages of mobile marketing, let’s get to some specific strategies and tips that can help you to drive in more leads.

Know Who You Serve Your Promotions For

Your consumer base is most probably big, you need a proper mapped-out marketing channel in order to succeed. It is required that you segment your users into different categories before implementing your mobile strategy, as well as an effective campaign plotting before you can succeed. Feel free to segment your users by the following criteria:

·  Location-based information: addresses, weather, and info regarding nearby events

·  Demographics: information such as age, gender, and marital status

·  Active times of the day: information regarding the working hours and weekend behavior

Once your consumer base is divided in a similar fashion, you can begin targeting them with specialized messages that are tailored for each type of segment.

Mobile-Friendly Website is a MUST

In fact, a mobile-friendly website is so important that you need to concentrate on it even before your mobile marketing campaign. If you plan on driving leads, you are going to want your consumers to visit your website. Some businesses may not require this; however, the majority will need to direct their leads into their website to inform consumers about their business, the products/services their business provides, etc.

This is why your website needs to be mobile-friendly, as we already mentioned above just how many users currently have and are using mobile devices and smartphones. A helpful tool to consider would be Google’s mobile-friendly test which allows users to enter a URL in order to see how their page scores in terms of being mobile-friendly. Having a mobile-friendly website has become one of the crucial steps in running a successful mobile marketing strategy.

Let’s take Microsoft as an example. Their website is perfectly designed to fit both the desktop and the mobile version. All of their product pictures, texts, buttons, and headers perfectly fit the screen of a desktop the same way they do for a mobile screen. All of the headers are centered when viewing the website on a mobile screen just to support the simplistic and clean design. Even the header is replaced with a button that takes you to a different screen on a mobile phone to make navigating the website seamless for mobile users.

Customize Your Promotional Emails for Mobile Platforms

According to Marketo, 57% of emails are opened on mobile platforms and 69% of mobile users are prone to deleting messages that aren’t optimized for mobile. It’s clear that your audience is engaging with email campaigns on mobile devices.

Most of the marketing providers use responsive design, so there should be no hassle for you when optimizing your emails. This is essentially a strategy that automatically formats web page content for optimal viewing on any device. Although there are some important considerations to take when designing email CTAs (call to action) with mobile users in mind:

  • Place the CTA early in the message (above the fold whenever possible).
  • Make buttons at least 44×44 pixels, so they are easily “tap-able.”

According to Marketo, Email sends should optimize what is displayed in the mobile inbox—“From” fields max out at 23 characters, and subject lines at 38 characters.

Lastly, don’t forget about the landing pages. If your sent emails are mobile-friendly, but the click-through goes to a landing page that is not properly optimized for mobile use, the leads will likely become annoyed and leave the page.

Uber has done a great job of creating a simple yet tasteful email campaign. Uber just gets straight to the point in their newsletters. Their texts are usually very brief with clear CTA, which is perfect for consumers who simply skim the message as they don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

Get the Most Out of Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

SMS marketing messages have a much higher response rate than phones, email, or Facebook messages. This is mostly due to the fact that text messages are personal to people. Statistics show that 30% of consumers interact with brands via text messages, and 95 to 98% of consumers read their texts almost immediately after they receive it. If your target demographic consists of Millennials or Gen Z, you will have a much easier time reaching them via text messages thus driving more leads for your brand.

Besides, all of the messages sent to the consumers have to be personalized and beneficiary for them. This will help your brand to create a loyal customer base after attracting them and have a positive relationship with them. Text message marketing gives you the option of personalizing every single message to fit the needs of every consumer. Personalized messages will make your consumers more appreciative of your brand, it will also make them feel special. Consumers will be continually reminded of your brand’s presence and will be ready to receive special promotions that you send their way.

A perfect example of how to engage consumers with an effective SMS marketing plan comes from Coca Cola. The case was presented by Labs Mobile.

Over the three days of the 16th year of Essence Music Festival in May 2010, Coca-Cola launched an SMS marketing campaign focusing on encouraging the attendees to send messages from their mobile phones to win one of the prizes offered by the company. The number of people who attended all the various acts of the festival was more than 40,000.

As part of a wider campaign in which various different strategies were used, on the first day, they urged people watching Friday’s Mainstage act to send an SMS with the word CELEBRATE following their name and surname, to the phone number 66937. Coca-Cola then replied to the first 500 senders with a congratulations message and free entry to a BBQ organized by the company on Saturday. In addition, out of these 500 privileged participants, four of them received VIP passes for the Coca-Cola BBQ.

Don’t Forget to Monitor and Analyze the Changes

For monitoring and analyzing changes on your website, Google Analytics can be of much help. With the help of Google Analytics, you can monitor mobile usage of your site:

·  Mobile behavior data will reveal how well your mobile content engages your audience.

·  Mobile conversion data will indicate whether or not some of your key landing pages still need to be more optimized for mobile browsing.

However, if your brand has a mobile app you can use some third-party solutions that will help you with real-time tracking for your apps. Since there are many different useful stats to track and different tracking methods, we’ve decided to concentrate on one of the unique ones. Mobile heatmap tracking, which can be provided by Crazy Egg, will give you the option to see what people did with your mobile sites, who they were, when did they take action and where exactly on the screen did they click. It is easy to set up, this website can take your marketing strategy analysis a long way.

Consider Geotargeting: It May Do Good to Your Business

Geotargeting is a special technique that involves targeting consumers based on their locations. Think of this technique as creating a special geofence around the locations that you want. You mark out a specific geographic area with a virtual “fence”: if any consumer with your app installed steps into your geofenced area, it will trigger a push notification.

An example of this is when Burger King geofenced its rival McDonald’s locations. When users entered the fenced area, they were sent a Burger King discount voucher. This strategy is a bit bold but it’s effective.

Optimize Your Video Content for Mobile Users

Creating video and visual advertisements in order to promote or market something isn’t a new concept by any means. However, there is a right approach that needs to be taken when tackling mobile marketing. It is crucial to consider how the videos need to be made in order for them to be impactful. One important aspect is that we reportedly hold our phones vertically about 94% of the time, which makes sense given that phones are naturally oriented that way.

This means that video content created for mobile marketing needs to be adjusted to fit the vertical screen. It is also preferable that your video content has subtitles if your videos include speech that is. Subtitles will be helpful when consumers are secretly browsing through social media with turned off volume because they are at a meeting or in a classroom. Subtitles will make sure that the consumers do understand the contents of the video no matter how and where they view it.

A good example of short-form, engaging vertical ad comes from the famous clothing brand GAP, with the case presented from Single Grain. To connect with Millennials, American clothing and accessories retailer GAP created an ad on Instagram that showcased a decade long archive of the world’s top logos. GAP showcased its new collection and enabled viewers to become a part of the logo remix launch with an energetic full-screen carousel ad in Instagram Stories with short-form, vertical videos that are ideal for mobile viewing.

The 19-day ad campaign was an instant hit that saw a 73% higher click-through rate than in its past Instagram ads and a 4-point rise in message association.

Take Advantage of QR Codes

Another important consideration when approaching a mobile marketing strategy, are the mobile-centric tools. Embrace features like QR codes and click-to-call functionality.

QR means “quick response.” The QR codes are useful because they store a lot of data that can be transmitted digitally very fast. This makes QR codes ideal for mobile device users. If you have a lot of data to transmit via a mobile browser, using such QR codes can drastically speed up your site and make it more accessible for your mobile users.

In its “Taco Bell makes QR Codes edible” campaign, presented by Beaconstac, Taco Bell has been incorporating QR codes as part of their promotional campaigns for quite a few years now. When Taco Bell launched its ‘Doritos Locos Tacos’ back in 2012, it placed QR codes on all Taco holster packages as a way of creating customer engagement.

Another instant where Taco Bell nailed the usage of QR codes was when they created QR codes that looked like a design made out of lemons. Taco Bell placed these innovative QR Codes in their print ads published with US Weekly and People. The campaign was an initiative for the promotion of ‘Taco Bell Cantinas,’ which was the restaurant’s attempt at serving a Gourmet menu.

Other Mobile Marketing Tips and Advice for Beginners

A lot of different strategies and pieces of information have been shared with you, which will help you jumpstart your mobile marketing strategy, give you some tips and insights into how mobile marketing generally works, and hopefully answer a lot of your questions regarding this topic.

Still, there are a couple of more ways and tools that will help you in building an outstanding mobile marketing strategy. To keep it short below see a couple of tips that will help you out and give you ideas for your marketing campaign:

·  Use Augmented Reality. Augmented reality is about projecting virtual elements onto real-world scenes. This can be done via headsets and visors, or just by holding your phone up to the real world. Examples include Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters.

·  Consider Voice Search Optimization. Nearly a third of all smartphone users use voice search at least once a week and 71% of people under 29 use mobile personal assistants. And only 4% of US businesses are voice search ready, thus this will give you an advantage over your competition and drive more leads.

·  Consider User-Generated Campaigns.  User-generated content is a great way to boost your social media presence without having to hire additional marketers or work with an outsourced team. Plus, it’s perfect for mobile–users already have a content-making machine at their disposal at any given moment.

Mobile marketing has experienced huge growth over the last couple of years. A huge number of businesses are taking advantage of what can be considered as the most effective marketing tool that is available right now. By this point, mobile devices are inseparable from the majority of the world’s population that owns them. Mobile devices accompany us throughout the day, they are the first thing we see and use in the morning, as well as the last thing we see before going to sleep.

This smartphone intimacy can be strategically used to your advantage. The proper research regarding this topic will take you a long way as most of the information is out there. And using that information to create a well fleshed out marketing campaign that fits the requirements of mobile marketing will undoubtedly help you achieve any goal that you set for your business.

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