Hyper-localized market is the personalization of marketing

Hyper-Localization in its simplest form is just extremely well-targeted personalization of your marketing efforts. In any industry, this is what marketing professionals strive for every day. The more info and data you have on a person, the easier it is to market to them. In real estate that is huge! Hyper-locality isn’t just about your county or your city. It’s about a single neighborhood and if that neighborhood is huge, it’s about a single subset of that neighborhood. It really is that local.

Getting information and data on that area and making yourself well know is a huge step in the right direction. Some good data points that I have found useful include, recent property sales and trends in homes sales; information on buyers and sellers; in what direction the market has been headed over the past several quarters; finally, trends in home prices. As you can see, those can seem mundane and boring – but they are very relevant and powerful data and talking points. Now that you know some great data points you can use, it’s time to get a little deeper into hyper-localized marketing.

Something everyone wants to know, and I always saw my parents wanting to know, regarding their neighborhood was when people moved. Be sure to share, at least weekly, homes that have sold in your local market. Be sure to take your own pictures if you don’t have permission or there’s no known reciprocation through your MLS – it’s best to be safe. Post the pictures along with the sold prices (unless you are in a non-disclosure area). Remember, this is hyper-localized – so we’re not talking about a large area; which makes this easier to accomplish on a weekly basis. You’ve just made yourself a resource for people in your neighborhood and provided them the ability to know you a little bit as well as getting to know their new neighbors in the area. Also, they can get a good idea of what homes are going for in their area! By doing this you are getting your name out there, so people know who you are and what you do.

It’s all about creating relationships and if it’s done weekly, you’re gaining trust from the people in the neighborhood. Many neighborhoods have strong sidewalk talk and the more people talk about how they got their home and how easy it was to sell; it can make you the topic of conversation – resulting in more business.

Another good tactic for hyper localization is to tour each new home in your designated area that comes on the market. This will give you a good understanding of the home inside and out and allows for you to take pictures, pick a feature you especially like and share it in a blog post. Something you’ll would want to include on your blog posts is an IDX link of available properties for that week. That link can direct them to your website where the IDX search is hosted to flow into lead capture once they want to create an account and save some searches. Remember to also leverage your social media accounts with these posts I cannot stress that enough! 

Meeting the people in your neighborhood will also greatly increase your connection and affiliation with them. Video interviews asking them what they love about the neighborhood, what they do and tips they know to keep their house up-to-date and pretty are ways to make people feel good about where they live and how their home looks to the people around them. Make sure to get their written release and ask them first so you can share the content in blog posts about the neighborhood. People who visit your blog or your site will get a brief description of their neighbor that they can’t find anywhere else. All of the points I am giving you are things you should do to get your name and brand out there, so people know who you are.

Things that you should be cognizant of while doing hyper-localization marketing include: create “A+” content, get involved in the Community you are marketing to, update and keep Social Media on point, and finally network your butt off!

Here’s a quick outline of actions you can take in the various categories of hyper-localized marketing…


  • Blog Consistently
  • Create Informative Area Pages
  • Write Guest Posts for Relevant Local Blogs

Community Involvement

  • Contribute on Local Forums
  • Help Organize Community Events & Do Interviews at Events
  • Do Small Giveaways
  • Support Local Causes

Social Media

  • Join Local Facebook Groups & Lead a Local Facebook Group
  • Always Tag Your Location on Facebook and Instagram
  • Share Pics and Testimonials on all forms of social media
  • Feed Your Instagram Into Your Website
  • Interact with Your Social Media Fans, this will create a social media presence
  • Publish Articles on LinkedIn Pulse


  • Attend Local Conferences & Business Networking Groups
  • Market with Other Businesses
  • Get a Leadership Position in a Business Group
  • Use Referral Groups