I Do Think So Tim

Now is a great time to do some home improvements!

We’re going to be at home for a while, so let’s use this time to get a leg up on spring cleaning and home maintenance so when it’s time to sell, you’re ready! With the uncertainty in the world at the moment, you’re likely spending way more time than usual in your home. Sharing smaller spaces with family 24/7 might be causing these areas a great deal of mess or chaos around the house. I recommend you take advantage of this time to do some much needed, home maintenance. This might sound like the daunting task you always put off – like New Year’s resolutions, but change is good! While Spring Cleaning is one, also consider doing some furniture upgrading, those touch ups on paint that you keep saying you’ll get to but haven’t yet, replace any electrical devices like smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, and make a running list of other things that need to be done when you can fully leave the house to grab them at the store.

1. Spring cleaning

While staying safe indoors, there’s really no reason to avoid spring cleaning. And spending more time at home may reveal how much unnecessary clutter is taking up space. So while you’re taking breaks from work or entertaining the kids or the fur babies, try and make a deal to go through rooms closets and drawers to rid yourself of older things that no longer serve a purpose, or in the words of Marie Kondo, “Do not Spark Joy!” Now is the perfect time to purge and properly cleanse and prepare boxes or bags of clothes to donate in a few weeks. The silver lining is that you will have more room for newer things, or you’ll just have more room in general. It will make you feel 100% more accomplished when the old stuff is out, and everything looks and feels less cluttered.

2. Rearrange and upgrade furniture and decor.

Don’t be afraid to take all this newfound time at home to experiment with the layout of your furniture and décor. Chances are that your living situation is positioned in the same way it was when you first moved in. Give your space a fresh new look by moving around chairs, tables, wall hangings and art, and even consider upgrading some things and donating older stuff. Another fun thing to do is to look at the little decor items you have across tables and by chairs. Maybe updating those or finding them a new home in the house can really change the feel of the room.

3. Paint Touch Up

This one is my favorite thing to do because I find it to be very soothing and Zen like. Doing paint touch ups is very vital to give your home a new face. If you were one of those people that held onto the can of paint you used on your home’s interior, go to the garage and bring it on out, cause you’re about to do some touch ups on baseboards, wall corners, nail holes, or anywhere else that has been subject to wear and tear. If you have kids, you know this all too well.

4.  Electrical, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Oh My.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably forgotten all about your battery powered smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Or, maybe you thought about them for a minute and realized it’s just not a task you want to deal with right now. Waking up to the screech of a fully powered alarm is much better than waking up to your house engulfed in flames. Since we’re at home for a while, use this time to swap out alarm batteries or upgrade older electrical equipment. If you also have spare bulbs on hand, replace light bulbs that have been dimming, flickering or even burnt out. This is a good way to get that light back in a room that has otherwise been dark. If you want to save a little on electricity, think about switching your bulbs out with LED bulbs. They’re super affordable now and will save you a ton on your monthly electric bill.

5. Keep track of any items you want to fix later.

Go room to room and inspect for future fixes to complete at a later date, when it’s easier to get to your local hardware store. This will make a slow Sunday in the future worth your time since all the researching will be completed and all you will need to do is go out to get the material. Create a checklist, including tasks like: steam clean the carpet, repaint the front door and swap out cabinet hardware. You will thank yourself later for being proactive and doing this – I guarantee

Image from: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/68477/14-sturdy-facts-about-home-improvement