Instagram Recipe

Ready in: 15 minutes

Serves: All your friends, family, and followers.

Ingredients Needed…

  • Instagram Account

  • Property you are Marketing

  • Amazing Photos & Videos

  • Hashtags, links and Descriptions


  1. Posting to your Instagram account.
    Get some photos, videos and some cool hashtags and go at it. To ensure consistent posting make a social calendar you follow. 

  2. Amazing Photos & Videos.
    These are paramount to a great Instagram post. You want images or videos to evoke a sense of feeling for the viewer.

  3. Hashtags, Links, & Descriptions.
    This is the icing on the cake, hence why it is last. You want hashtags that reach far into cyberspace but also ones that are close to you, links for social channels and a description to make someone stop and read.


Go into Instagram or even social media posting with a PMA mentality. PMA’s you ask… that is “Positive Mental Attitude.” Also, have fun with your posting!


I recently took up baking… yes, I know – baking. I am much more of a grill kinda guy. But me, a baker, not so much. However, that hasn’t stopped me in my quest to get better. I took up baking because I love sweets and I need to eventually leave my parents’ house with some skills. My Dad has taught me how to grill and smoke steaks, fish and chicken. Now I need to learn how to bake so I can keep my mom, grandma and grandpas’ recipes alive and well and so I can sustain the sweet tooth I have. I’m no Paul Hollywood or Julia Child but I’m getting there!

One day I was looking through a recipe and following the instructions to make a strawberry cheesecake when I got to thinking about how the steps were all laid out very methodically. It got me thinking about work and how to make a recipe for people to follow for social media and bam this blog was baked up! I hope you enjoy the read and it helps with your social media endeavors.

Ingredient #1: Creating and or posting to your Instagram account.

A lot of people struggle with the idea of having two accounts for everything. You have a personal account and a business account. In my opinion you should have two if your work life calls for it. This can be an advantage for you for the simple reason that the two accounts can work together. If you get super social media savvy, you can have all your accounts working as one huge unit! It’s also a good thing to do if you don’t want to mix your business life with your personal life. Whatever you choose, just make sure you have an account to begin with. Once the account has been created you can start to post to it and the fun starts.

When posting to Instagram you can add photos, videos, memes, pretty much anything you want (just stay within the guidelines). Once images are posted you get the chance to tag the image or video and add a description. Next, you will want to create and use some cool and unique hashtags – this then will open the flood gates to likes, inquiries, follows and more!

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “well that is only one post, what about the other posts I have to do?  What about a system I need to follow, what if I burn the edges of my cheesecake and no one likes it?!”  Do not fret, there’s an app for that.  “Later,” & “Hootsuite,” are two of my favorites. A quick Google search will reveal that there’s a plethora of others out there that help manage postings.

Ingredient #2: Amazing Photos & Videos.

Like I was saying before you want them to evoke a sense of feeling. Do not think too much into this, because that’s where you can end up sitting looking at your Instagram for hours, overthinking what images are the best; “is this a good angle of the house, should I have this snippet or that one?” In my opinion you should follow this rule. If you are you posting only photos pick ten of the best photos in the following areas (of course, this depends on the size of the home):

  • Photo #1: Outside image of the home.
  • Photo #2: Front entryway inside the home.
  • Photo #3: Living room.
  • Photo #4: Dining Room.
  • Photo #5-9: Bedrooms & Bathrooms
  • Photo #10: The backyard.

As for videos, Instagram will let you have a video on a post of about 1 minute. If you are posting video, only post the video and one image of the house for open house dates. That way they can watch the video about the home and then move over to see when the open house is and possibly stop on by!

Editing tools on posts are great enhancements to add to your tool belt as well. VSCO, which is a free app is an amazing photo filter editor and can be used on photos and videos. Snapseed and Pixlr are good ones as well. If you want to spend a little cash on something that will be an investment to your business life and personal life, Priime is a great one.

So now that I’ve given you a little insight on tools that you can use, here comes the after effect of that, marketing the listing. Use as many resources as you can to get that listing all over Instagram with Hashtags, geo-location, links and a description to tie it all together.  Instagram is not only a place to have the listing, but also an amazing tool to use when gathering leads! 

Ingredient #3: Hashtags, Links & Descriptions. 

Now comes the fun part in the completion of your glorious “insta-post” cake. The hashtag’s, the links and the piece de resistance – the description.

So let’s start with “Hashtags.”

Nowadays hashtags are as good as gold & diamonds. They can tell a story within one word or even an abbreviation. You always want to have a core hashtag, or group of hashtags that identify you and your business. Here’s a little secret that I will tell you because I want you to be successful in your business. I have all my hashtags or my core hashtags in a running notes section on my phone so I can go into that note, copy all of that information, and then just paste it on my post. From there I can add new ones that are trendy or indicative of the property, so it is a little more personalized.

Create hashtags that help drive people to your websites. I cannot stress that enough – hashtag your business, cool things about the property, location (which I will get into as well), and even features of the property. Like, #mountainview, #beachfront, #desertoasis. As you can see hashtags are all one word, you need for them to be because that is how they work. Do not create hashtags like this “#Beach Front” – that is a dead hashtag and will not help you one bit.

Now that you have the hashtags down, and shortcuts to use them, we’ll get into the links that you will use. You’ll want about three or four links, maybe more depending on where you want the potential client to go.

  • Link#1: Your personal website link. This will help with SEO and moving you on the up and up in google.
  • Link#2: Your Facebook business page. This link should be there so they can follow you on Facebook.
  • #3-4: Any other social media pages you have created or websites that make sense for this post. Like I was saying before, by having these pages all work together it will help you greatly in the long run.

Now that we’ve mixed in the #hashtags and sprinkled in a dash of links, it’s time to add the final ingredient – the description keep it brief.

Short, sweet and to the point is better than long and drawn out. Please and I mean this, do not copy and paste the properties description in the description section… People want to know just the main things about the listing and look at pictures or watch a video. So please try and be a little creative and make it short.  Use attention grabbers!

You know those things that your teachers made you use for all those years when you were writing papers… Yeah those things. Believe me when I tell you they help tremendously. Even short one-line words are trendy or even a couple sentences. Take time to go through agents Instagram’s and see what they do. I am not saying go and copy but see what they do to become successful and put your own spin on it.

Here is an example of a good post description that’s short but could be longer, the location is tagged, and the Hashtags are in place. Location or Geo-tagging is very, very important. In an itself it filters all the posts in that geo-location. It kind of creates a folder of all the images online in that specific area.

Here’s a list of the most used Real Estate Hashtags that could be useful for you that I’ve searched online for, credit of “The Close.”

I hope this was helpful and informative for you. Feedback is always welcome, because I use that to grow and make these posts better for all of you. Now that you have the tools and knowledge of what you can do with Instagram you are ready to make it work for you.

Big side note: do not forget to use this on all forms of social media – leverage Twitter as well. Twitter is another good place where Hashtags and links go a long way since the way you share on there is similar in a way to Instagram. All that hard work will not go unnoticed! Be sure to share this with someone you think would get a kick out of baking t