Keeping Your Utility Bill Low While in Quarantine

As we all try to do our part by staying home in this newly created way of life, we cannot ignore the potential impact on our monthly bills. Remembering to turn the lights off is hard enough, let alone when your family and/or roommates are home 24/7. All of this can add more stress to an already stressful situation, and there are things you might want to consider, even after quarantine. Thankfully, we compiled several tips on how to save on your electric bill during this time of being home 24/7.

Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs

Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs are more efficient and longer lasting than traditional bulbs. These light bulbs use about 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs and can help you save around $45 each year. Compact Fluorescent’s have an average lifespan of 6,000 and 15,000 hours, compared to 750 to 1,000 hours of a regular light bulb. That is one of the easiest ways to start chipping away at high electrical costs. If you don’t like the idea of fluorescents, investigate LED bulbs. They’ve become much more affordable and can carry many of the same benefits by using less energy, while providing the light your family needs.

Install smarter switches

Smart switches are truly one of my favorite devices, I myself own and use them. Motion sensors only turn lights on when you’re present in a room, which means you’ll only be paying for light when you’re using it. Also consider investing in timer fan switches. That way, you can preset the amount of time you want your fans to run and they will automatically turn off after they’re done.

You might not be going out a great deal right now, but we all know it’s important to get out of the house from time-to-time. Whether it’s doing some critical shopping or just going for a walk, there will be times you need to be away from the house. You might want to invest in Bluetooth powered devices that allow for you to check to see what is on and what is not when you’re not home. This will allow you to turn things off when you’re not home.

Do your chores at night

I did not know this till I researched it, but some power companies up-charge for electricity use during the day. The extra fee is supposed to encourage lower electricity use rates. Doing some of your chores at night, such as running the laundry machine, may cause you see a decrease in your power bill costs. So, start doing chores in the later part of the afternoon or evening.

Unplug your electronics

This one might be a no brainer but saving money on your electric bill is all about developing good habits. Don’t leave your small appliances, such a hair dryer or a fan, plugged into an outlet, even if they are turned off. These energy suckers will still be eating up your electricity and draining your pocket. Even though you are not using them, it does not mean there is not an active current. Generally, if it’s plugged in – it’s using power.

Programmable thermostat

Program your thermostat to keep up with your schedule. This little trick can go a long way in saving you both time and money because once it’s programmed you won’t need to remember to turn it on or off. Most smart thermostat devices can also track your temperature preference patterns and adjust accordingly. This also should be considered to not waste precious heat or A/C on the rooms you don’t often use. If your storage and living room are not the places you usually spend time, they shouldn’t be stealing away warmth from your bedroom. In order to avoid heating all the rooms in your homes, close off vents that lead to rooms you don’t use. This will keep the most important parts of the house warm and you will not have to run the heater or AC longer to fill the home.

Call your power company

If you’re still looking for more ways to save, try calling your power company. Call your company or visit their website and see what other options are available. Especially now,  they are likely to have more resources available than ever before!

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