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Lead generation – it’s one of the biggest hurdles and struggles that so many of us deal with every day. The biggest questions that are posed are: What is the best course of action to generate leads?   What are the best social media platforms to use to attain leads? How should I best tend to the leads I do get? Well let’s break it down, step by step, like of one of my favorite 90s songs by New Kids on the Block.

Step 1: What is the best course of action when trying to attain leads?

Well, one way is to directly engage with the leads that you are trying to get. This doesn’t mean you have to go door-to-door shaking hands and kissing babies. It does mean putting some time and effort into your social media channels and even your farming mailers. 

When it comes to social media, it’s a big deal to be engaged. You must go beyond that daily post and respond to comments and questions on your various feeds. Doing this for even fifteen minutes a day can boost your posts in other feeds and drive crazy engagement with your brand. 

Don’t forget about brand consistency! It might be fun to use different headers on your various social media platforms. Unfortunately, doing this confuses customers, limits trust, and will make your marketing department cry. You don’t want to make your marketing department cry.

You already know to put your contact information everywhere – but I’m going to say it anyway: put your contact information everywhere. It’s a good reminder to hit up your social media channels, print materials, and website to make sure your contact information is updated and highly visible. 

Step 2: Leverage your own social media accounts!

Let’s dig a little deeper into social media engagement. If you think about it, your social media platforms already have… drum roll please, warm leads. Friends, family, acquaintances, or people that follow you because they like your content. They are already viable leads that could use a service you are trying to push. A big thing to keep in mind is to make sure your social media posts are appropriate for the platform you’re using. You want to be more buttoned up when something goes to LinkedIn, versus what’s going to the “gram”. 

Another idea is to also automate your posts that go to your social channels. This not only saves you time but also lets your clients know you are still doing a lot of heavy lifting for them. You can use that newly created time to focus on other things like getting more involved in the digital space by participating in forums and commenting on other people’s blogs or social channels to start creating relationships there. 

It’s worth repeating that once you do start leveraging your social media accounts – remember to be engaging and answer questions from people. This shows them you have a genuine interest and you are an actual person and not some app that posts all the time. Social media is a great tool but needs to be tended to like a garden. Doing this doesn’t take a ton of time and I’m certainly not promoting the idea that you need to spend hours a day on your social. Do your social gardening for fifteen minutes a day and you might be surprised at what blooms.

Step 3: Tending to your garden of leads. 

I can’t tell you how many people finally start getting leads and don’t know what to do with them. They give them a call or throw out an email and forget to do anything else. Those leads never take root and end up dying on the vine. Don’t think that because the lead was generated, that it ends there. You need to tend to it, market it and eventually gain something from it. A big thing to consider is Automated Marketing. That means automating the information that’s sent out to your leads. It’s worth putting some time into a strategy on the front-side that will save you time in the long run. You may want to look into tools that will help you nurture your leads so you’re not spending hours a day manually sending them an email or trying to remember important dates to communicate with them. 

Step 4: Putting it all together.

Let’s recap. Getting leads means putting a little time into engaging with your potential customers either on social media or through print. That means spending some time each day responding to posts, being involved in forums, and engaging your audience. There are some great tools out there that can automate some of your posting, but nothing can take the place of a few words in response to a potential customer’s question. Don’t spend a ton of time doing this, set aside fifteen minutes or so a day. 

Once you get those leads, don’t just give them a call or throw them an email and forget they exist. Get them set up on some kind of a drip system that will continue to keep you front-of-mind. The most important thing is to TEND TO YOUR GARDEN.  Once you get those leads you worked so hard for – get them engaged. They can be great tools by telling their friends and family about you. You did a lot to get them, and they should be treated well.

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