Loan Officers Need Personal Branding

As a Loan Officer, you want your branding to stand out, be consistent, and speak to your areas of strength.  Here are a few things that can help you on your way to a strong brand – making you a familiar face.

A Website.  You need to have a website that speaks to your expertise, your accomplishments, your niches.  Make sure the design of the website matches your other branding (colors, slogan if you have one, the look of the site).  If your website looks nothing like any other marketing you’ve done (let’s say most of your marketing is in blues and greens – then your website is done in red), people will not connect the dots to remember you from past marketing they’ve seen.  

Make sure the website has lots of unique content; informational videos done by you or another expert you may have interviewed; town or community information – event links, weather, general information; information on things/areas you may focus on – VA loans, first time home buyers, etc. (you can even make landing pages for your specialties!).  The sky’s the limit! Think about what people would benefit from on a website. You want to be helpful and unique.

Social Media.  Let’s face it, in this day and age, social media is important.  Having a social media presence keeps you in front of people. You can do this by posting about different community events with a quick video, articles that you think might be helpful to people reading them, homes for sale in a particular area (a great way to help out realtor partners), anything!  Again, you want to stay in front of people and if you do it in both regular and unique ways, it will help you stand out. Use the 80/20 rule: 80% of your social content should be interesting and fun for your followers, while 20% of the content should advertise you in some way.

Blogging and Content Marketing.  Content doesn’t have to be about selling.  Think about it as another way to stay in front of people who may not be in the market for your services right now.  
Sending helpful or interesting information helps keep you top of mind.  Don’t get me wrong, writing content about your specialties is beneficial and informative for people looking for that.  Writing content about other things, like: Color Trends to Use in Designing Your Home; a blog on local community events; or seasonal subject matter. Sharing about your favorite subjects can be interesting and informative for everyone.  Don’t look at this as a laborious chore that you dread doing. Have fun with it!