Optimizing Your Instagram Profile

Things I Learned – Social Media Series

According to SproutSocial, Instagram is the second most logged in social media site for daily use after Facebook.  For this reason, it’s important to have your Instagram account in tip-top shape and optimized to get you  the most reach.  So you are probably wondering, where do I start?  First things first.  There are two things to start with.  One, find dream accounts you love and check out their content.  Think about why you love their accounts.  What kind of content do you enjoy on them?  Two, find competitor accounts to see how active they are and what kinds of content they are posting.

After you’ve done your research, you want to start with your profile.  It is the foundation and you really need to optimize your profile before starting the content push.  I learned there are several main kinds of Instagram account themes:

1) Personality – you are the face and focus and content would be about you and it’s personal; 2) Brand – your brand and products are the focus and content would be about your niche, brand and product; 3) Themed – An overall, consistent theme is the focus and content would be about your theme or trend; and 4) Hybrid – a blend of any of the other account types and content would be a mixture.  There are other types, but these are the big ones.

Now, what determines the value of your Instagram page?  Three things:  1) Followers – how many people are following you; 2) Reach – how many of your followers see your content; and 3) Affinity – how many followers take action (your CTA or Call-To-Action).  

If you want a lot of followers and a big reach, a theme account is good.  It does have low affinity though.  It is followed by people mainly for content.  A brand account has a big affinity, but lower followers and reach because content is not as viral as a themed account.  A personal account is pretty good on followers, reach and affinity.  Lastly, a hybrid account depends on what kind of accounts you combine.  It can be really good – taking the best of all accounts and combining.  I learned that a hybrid account really is the recommended account type so you can sprinkle in all of the best content to have high followers, reach and affinity.

Doing your research first, then even writing down what kinds of things you love about other Instagram accounts and things you want to incorporate into yours can help you figure out the direction you want to go.  Figuring out what kind of account theme you are going to have is the first step in getting started with your Instagram profile.