Print Priorities for Every Property

For every listing you have, you should also have a set of print materials you order every time. Now this can vary depending on where the property is, if print material is allowed, what type of listing it is – so on and so forth.  

Sign Rider. Make sure to have the text code information on your rider.  Lead generation! Whenever someone texts for more info on a property, they immediately get a text back with important property information and a link to the property website where they can view all photos, description, schools, etc.  And then guess what….you get a lead! You will immediately get an email and/or a text message with their phone number, so you can give them a call to see if you can help.

Property Flyers.  Having the flyers with a few photos and great description can really peak someone’s interest.  Additionally, having your contact info, link to view the listing online, and the text code will drive more leads. Have these sitting out at an open house for people to take along with them.  Remember to use high-resolution photos, descriptive words and a catchy title of an amazing feature.

Postcards.  Postcards can be used to promote a listing in neighborhoods nearby, announce that it was just listed, announce an open house or even announce that it sold quickly (and your info as an amazing agent is on there).  Postcards not only promote your listing, they promote you as an agent. It keeps YOU in front of THEM.

Now to the real question: does print even matter in a digital world? Take a quick look at this info-graphic and decide for yourself…

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