Social Distancing with Digital

When you first hear the term “social distancing” you probably had to think about it for a moment. Now – in this new world – it’s become a common term and something to which we can all relate. We are so thankful tech has come a long way, giving us the ability to communicate over great distances and to view just about anything on our phones, laptops, and desktops. Not only are you able to see vast expanses of the world, we are also able to virtually tour a home. Now-a-days we can be in a place without truly being there and we’re able to see things as if they were right in front of us. Virtual Reality (VR), Drones, online renderings, all have the greatest benefits to individuals not only across the world but also in times of social distancing.

Virtual Reality

By having these advancements at your fingertips you can leverage them to keep potential clients interested. Virtual Reality, which is probably one of the most cutting-edge pieces of tech on the market for potential home buyers around the world has huge pros. You have the luxury of viewing these pieces of property from the comfort of your home. One such company that does a phenomenal job at the 3D-Multipoint VR experience is Focus360. They have been in the business for 30 years and are comprised of accomplished artists, architects, animators and programmers with expertise dating back to the origins of architectural computer graphics and interactive presentations. So, to say they know their stuff is an understatement. To check out more from them check out their site!  Click Here

The second company that provides a VR experience to help with social distancing is called Transported. They are a very true VR experience. Meaning, they need you to wear the whole VR headset to really dive into the viewing of homes. Transported makes it simple to create and share VR tours for every home. They not only deliver visceral, lifelike home tours that make you feel like you’re there, but they do it in a way that makes the user feel at ease and totally comfortable. With Transported, homes can be scanned with stunning detail, in high resolution with rich HDR color. Buyers will feel as if they’re there. Once the home is scanned, your tour is published in the Transported VR app and available to shoppers across town and around the globe. You can share with people who don’t have a VR headset. Send them a mobile-compatible link, embed on your own web page, and post to Facebook and Twitter. That way the tour is accessible to everyone in your social circles. This VR experience truly transcends reality. To learn more about them and how to get in touch visit Transported’s website, Click Here.


VR can only go as far as showing you the home itself. The next type of advancement and Social Distancing tactic you can investigate and is still one of the most highly used tools in real estate is drones. I know what you’re thinking, he just talked up VR as cutting edge, the best on the market. VR is great when seeing your living quarters and putting yourself in the home, but what if you are selling a piece of land? Or you’re showcasing a property that is acres upon acres? VR could get that out to people, but it lacks perspective. That’s where Drones come into play.

The integration of drone use has become extremely prominent in modern real estate. For the first time, a realtor can capture a birds-eye-view of property they want to sell or showcase creative close-ups and positions of the home in question. In a literal sense, drones can bring your photography/video to a whole new level. Like VR, drones are great tools to leverage. They can shoot video in 3k and in some instances 4-5k, which captures great quality in the homes being presented. Imagine a website filled with dramatic drone footage whirling around the property, capturing its essence from all possible angles. Going inside, giving you a class A tour through the entire building. Yup, that’s how drones are changing the real estate industry! Here is a comprehensive site of different drones, and their break downs to see what one would be best for you. Click Here

Online Renderings

As we get into the last tech advancement for viewing properties and keeping to the theme of social distancing, we come to online renderings. They are more used for the bigger picture of what could be. They are mainly used to show what could be – to spark the imagination of the potential buyer. There are a great many pieces of software out there that allow you to custom design homes and rooms or even upload your own to see what certain things might look like. EasyHome Homestyler, is a great website that allows for just that. Homestyler is a free, online software that will make your interior design experience easier and more fun. For more on them, Click Here.

Another great application is Rendering House. They convert traditional static Renderings into engaging, personalized Interactive Designs. Using photo-real renderings, interactive floor plans, and virtual tours, they’ve created a comprehensive experience that will connect today’s tech-savvy consumers to their new homes online. Their solutions are fully tailored to the customer experience. Taking on applications like Rendering house have not only changed the game entirely but it’s also a good way to keep up on projects of where the house should be in the development phases. You can watch as your home or room is being constructed or remodeled from a handful of miles to even countries away. Now that’s social distancing at its finest. For more on them Click Here.

With all these different technological advancements of hardware and software we can now be in two places at once. We can be socially distant but at the same time still have a hands-on approach. The advancements that the types of mediums have are endless and it lets us leverage tech in a way never thought possible. These are different times to be alive and as times change, we change as well. Even after social distancing is over, these tools are always great to have in your arsenal.