Website Best Practices

Your website is an extension of you.  It represents your business, your work ethic, your professionalism and so many other things.  You should have a website to market yourself, market your listings, allow people to search for a home, have good and useful information and resources on it.  

The Basics

Brand Presentation Concept

There are several things to consider when working on your website, according to JustCoded:

  • Consistency – every element has the same look on each site page;
  • Intuition – all links, buttons, forms are on anticipated places;
  • Simplicity – a website has a minimal number of pages with relevant content;
  • User-friendliness – a design leaves no room for significant mental efforts;
  • Structure – all the content is presented in a logical and well-organized way.

Remember to match your website to the rest of your branding.  Your branding should be consistent across digital and print media – same colors, same theme, etc.  Your website, any single property websites, business cards, postcards, everything! Potential customers should be able to look at your website and recognize the branding instantly.  

Let Them Search

You should also have a search function on your website.  If you are advertising your website, and have it on your business cards and other things, give them the opportunity to search for listings right on your website.  Having a search function on the homepage of your website is recommended. This function allows people to “stick” on your website longer which is a good thing.


Have an About Me page on your website.  JustCoded says: The About Me page is ranked third in terms of the frequency of user visits.  In the same article, JustCoded also gives some good ideas about how to turn your About Me page into a lead generating page:  

  • Tell your business story and explain the core benefits you deliver;
  • Add social buttons and CATs (call-to-actions);
  • Use testimonials to prove your awesomeness;
  • Create custom typography to add a personal touch to the design;
  • Embed videos for a storytelling effect.


Include pages on your websites about communities.  If there are certain areas you work in, include those areas!  On these pages, you can have area searches and information about the community/area.  Include links for weather in that community, events, landmarks, etc. These are great because they allow someone to really get a feel for a specific community instead of just one specific house.


You need to have an area on your site that includes testimonials and what you do in the community.  You can include both written and video testimonials if you want. Include in this area information about different foundations, charities, and events you participate in for the community.  This area is helpful to build trust with your website visitors and could be the determining factor between choosing you over another agent.


A great website needs to be a great resource and should represent you and your business. These are just a few key areas to get you started. Imagine you were buying a home or selling a home.  What would you want to see? What information would be important and useful to you? Remember to be creative and stand out from other agents!