Why Social Media Is Crucial For Market Penetration

We are headed into 2020 and social media marketing is getting more and more ingrained in the world of business. Mainstream media- newspapers, TVs, and radio- no longer excite the modern customer, with almost everyone relying on social media for content. People are now more likely to engage with branded content on social media than on any other media.

Data released by Social Media Examiner in August 2019 showed that social media has helped over 97% of small businesses existing today to find new clients. The data also showed that over 60% of online users who engage with a brand on social media end up consuming at least one product under that brand. These stats are so inviting for any serious marketer to ignore. However, Social Media Examiner found out that only about 15% of business owners and managers understand social media marketing satisfactorily.

If you are among the 85% of business owners with little or no understanding of the role of social media in product marketing, this article is for you. Read on to understand 5 reasons why investing in social media is crucial for market penetration.

1.      A branding platform

Your social media presence tells your brand story to new clients and displays your business’ personality to potential clients. Your social profiles act as the voice that your brand needs to speak to the mind and soul of your target audience. Your new customers want to understand if your brand represents their interests sufficiently before they become repeat purchasers. Potential customers, on the other hand, want to interact with your social content first before they make any purchases. You can only make this information available to every interested party by posting it on social media.

2.      A platform to study and understand your audience

The interaction that you get with your clients through social media is unmatched. You read their posts, you take part in their discussions, they comment on your Facebook posts, and you engage with them privately via direct messages. At the end of the day, you gain immense insights into how they perceive your products and how they rate your product quality against your close competitors.

When doing business in China, for example, social media helps you understand consumer behaviors as well as the daily lives of the Chinese people. This is the understanding you need to create the right content for your website and formulate the right campaign messages. Also, you are able to identify customer pain points, which then help you tailor your products in a way that addresses their problems satisfactorily.

3.      Proving the authenticity of your business

If your social media posts are formal, witty, and friendly, your company passes as a professional organization that is out to do serious business. Mix that with a few casual and funny posts: The target audience starts seeing the human side of your company. Then spice things up with a few posts behind the scenes, letting your followers get a glimpse of what transpires through the production/manufacturing/packaging processes. All those set the tone for all your interactions. People find your business authentic when you interact with them at such an intimate level.

4.      Cultivating brand loyalty

When customers are able to reach out to you and interact with you on a personal level, they become loyal. They form a strong bond with you and your products. It is always easier to retain a customer who asks questions all the time than a customer who disappears and never comes back to drop feedback. And because people find emailing and calling tedious, they prefer to give their feedback on social media.

When expanding in China, for example, your local customers will see social platforms as the ultimate service channel through which they can air their concerns and find answers. And speaking of China, it is important that you hire a professional translation company to translate your social media message in Mandarin and Chinese. Treat social media interpretation with the same seriousness you’d treat website delocalization with.

5.      Social media marketing attracts more sales

This goes without saying: Increased customer engagement and more consumer loyalty breeds more sales. You are able to influence customers’ resolve to buy when you interact with them on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, studies show that over 80% of CEOs and senior business executives depend on social media to influence their customers’ purchasing decisions.

Bottom line

The benefits of incorporating social media in your campaign strategy will, without doubt, help you to penetrate new markets easily and run profitable operations. It is up to you to publish helpful content and interact with your customers productively. Then you will start seeing more online traffic, your SEO rankings will improve, and your customers will be more satisfied.

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