Adding a Broadcast My Move

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A Broadcast My Move website is a website you can create on behalf of your client. It broadcasts that they have moved, and have used your services to do so. It’s a great tool to provide the client as they can share it with their friends and family to show their new home.

To add a Broadcast:

  • Click the Property tab on the left
  • Broadcast My Move
  • Add New
  • Begin filling in the information such as the property address, client’s name etc.
  • Click Proceed on the top right
  • Enter the description for the home/the move of your clients
  • Proceed
  • Create the URL for the website by selecting a Website Key and Domain name from the drop down menu.
  • Last, upload photos of your choice

Tips & Tricks:

  • The domain you select will effect the verbiage on the site. For example, if you helped more than one person, you should select the domain that says ‘’.
  • Realtor Testimonial:  Once you have created the site, click on Edit on the right side to add the Realtor Testimonial
  • Music, Documents, etc:  Once you have created the site, you can add other things from the Tools icon on the right side
  • For the clients you may add a login for them that will show up on the Broadcast site as a little key in the lower left corner.  Just give them a password from the property edit.  Then they may edit the site, and send themselves an email with a link to it when they are done!
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