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If you are on the Per Property Plan, or if the property is not yet in our data from the MLS yet, you’ll need to create a property website manually.

Adding a Property in Manually:

  • Click on Property.
  • Click on Properties
  • Add New
  • Add My Own Listing
  • Fill in the information and continue clicking Proceed on the top right
  • Once complete, you can activate the property website by clicking the ‘Activate’ icon under the property

Adding a Property using the MLS Autopull Feature:

  • Click on Property.
  • Click on Properties.
  • Add New
  • Auto-Pull from MLS
  • Enter in the listing’s MLS number and click GO
  • In the list of results, choose the appropriate property
  • Proceed on the top right and continue following the prompts

NOTE: Once a property is listed as Active in the MLS, it can take 24-72 hours for our system to be able to pull it in.

Below are explanations of the fields during the website creation process.


Property Details: Basic information such as the status of the listing, MLS #, Property Type and Price.

FSBO Information: This shows when a property type is listed as FSBO. Put all of the Seller’s information here and it will be displayed in lieu of the Agent information.

Property Location: Address of the property. Make sure the Address is accurate as it will determine where the map and corresponding aerial map goes.


Property Details: Bedroom, bathroom, sq ft./acreage.

Property Description: This is where you describe the property, lot and area in full elaborate details. Don’t hold back. Buyers want more information, so give it to them! Some copy and paste the description from their MLS listing. This is fine, but, know that many of the MLS descriptions have abbreviations and with a property website there is no reason to abbreviate. You may use this section to put any information you want to articulate about the property.

Features: A bullet-point list of features that will display on the website along with the description.

Property Financials: HOA Dues, Monthly Taxes and Insurance. These will display on the website as well as the Finance Flyer.

External Links: Optional external website URLs if you’d like to show pages with additional information. We automatically add a School link and Demographics link based on the zip code for the listing. However, you can override ours by placing your own URL here.


Site Key & Domain: This is where you will create the URL for the property website. You can customize the Site Key to whatever you want it to be, and then choose a sub-domain from our list of domains. Together, they create the URL for your property website. For example: 123MainStreet.iHouseNet.com

Search Engine Tags: When you post the property website to social media, this will be the Title and Description that displays along with it. We automatically fill in this information for you, but you can change it here if you want.

Pop Up Controls: A great tool for lead generation! This pop up asks users to register their information upon viewing the website. You can make it required or optional.

Sitemap: sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them. Search engines like Google read this file to more intelligently crawl your site. You can generate one here, and add it to your Google Analytics (or other analytics) account.

Website Layout: Choosing the layout of the website. Feel free to select any template and any color you choose. You should play with different templates to see what looks best with a particular property front photo. Some colors and some photos look better than others with certain templates and certain colors. You can come back and change the layout at any time.


Homeowner Login: If you want the homeowner to be able to log in and make edits to the website, enter their email and a password here. They will be able to log in via a small key icon in the footer of the property website.

Custom CSS/Scripts: Enter in your own CSS or Scripts here.

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