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Adding an Agent

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To create an account for an agent underneath your sponsorship:

  • Click the Agents tab on the left
  • Agents  
  • Add New
  • Enter a Login ID and Password for the agent
  • Save

You can also enter any other information you know about the agent – their name, address, etc. However, only a Login ID and Password are required for creation of the account. The agent can always log in and add their own information.

If you would like to add the agent’s photo and logo (optional):

  • Log in as the agent
  • Hover your mouse over the gray image on the top left (above their name)
  • Edit
  • Upload their photo and logo
  • Save

Congratulations, you have added an Agent!

Agents can add themselves:

  • From the home screen at www.AgentMarketing.com and click on the Signup button, then they will input their information and put in YOUR login as the referrer… (it has to be YOUR login ID and the system will know they are yours and add them automatically under you!)
  • Send the agent one of your Agent Prospecting sites. They can be accessed under Personal>>Personal Websites>>Copy one of the 3 links under Agent Prospecting.
    Example: https://amdemobroker.letssimplifysuccess.com/
    From here, agent’s can receive an overview of AgentMarketing, as well as sign up. If they sign up using this link, they will automatically be added underneath your sponsorship.
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