Adding Facebook Chat to your website

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To add FB chat to your website, you will first need to whitelist the domain on your facebook account. Follow the steps below to get started.

1. Go to your business page settings

After clicking on the Settings tab at the top, look for the “Messaging” link on the left.

2. Scroll down to “Add Messenger to your website”

Click on the Get Started button and complete the initial options. There will be 3 steps.

3. Complete the setup steps and whitelist your domain

On step 3 of the process – to the left you’ll see the option to “Add Website Domain Name”. You can list as many domains as you’d like. From your own custom domain to our AgentMarketing free domains, be sure to add it to the list.

4. Copy the code and add to your site.

Copy the code in the green box (as seen in the step above) and create a new “Customization Request” ticket from your dashboard and we’ll do the rest. Be sure to paste the code in the description box.

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