Adding Photos to a Broadcast

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To add media, edit the Virtual Tours or add Video for your Broadcast, click on Photos​ from the “Broadcasts” tab.  Then choose what you want to add or edit and perform.

How to Add Photos:

  • Property tab on the left
  • Broadcast My Move
  • Next to the website, click Photos
  • Photo Gallery
  • Upload Photos (on the top right)

NOTE: You can add captions underneath the pictures.  Don’t forget to click Save

Helpful Hints:

  • If you encounter a problem, try checking to see if you have the recommended version of Java by clicking on check your Java platform to the left of Click to Upload your Pics   OR   try the ActiveX version by clicking on upload with IE ActiveX to the right of Click to Upload your Pics.
  • If the photos upload but no pictures appear, delete and try uploading fewer photos at a time.

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