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Adding Photos

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To add photos to the Photo Gallery:

  • Click Property tab
  • Click Properties
  • Click on the Camera icon in top left corner for that property
  • Next, click on PHOTO GALLERY
  • Click on Upload Pics (top left) button  OR   if you pulled the property in from the MLS and need to repull the photos from the MLS you will click on the Repull Pics from the MLS (top right) button 

If using Active X/Java Uploader:

  • select photo folder from the files on the left side (the photos will then show on the right side)
  • select each photo from the right side you want uploaded (they will show on the bottom of the uploader)
  • click UPLOAD

If using HTML 5/Flash Uploader:

  • click on Add More Files
  • select photo from the files
  • Add all photos in this way

  • Click UPLOAD to complete the upload process.  You will then see it processing and generating thumbnails.  Then you should see the photos on the screen.

To add a caption to a photo:

  • Click on add caption under each photo
  • Type in what you want the caption to say
  • Click Save

To delete a photo from the Photo Gallery:

  • Click the  for that photo
  • Then click Yes, Delete Image

iPhone Users: To add photos to the Photo Gallery:

  1. Click on the Camera icon in top left of the property
  2. Click on the “Photo Gallery” icon
  3. Next, click on
  4. Click the “Click if You’re Ready” link or click the “Install Aurigma Up” link if you haven’t installed it yet.
  5. The App will fire up, select if you want to use photos in your library or take new pictures.
  6. When all images are in the queue, click the “Start Upload” button.
  7. Wait for images to upload and redirected back to ePropertySites gallery page.

Other Mobile Devices: To add photos to the Photo Gallery:

One of the easiest ways to get images from your mobile device (other than an iPhone) to a property would be to use Dropbox. You can get a free account from DropBox.com and set it up to upload your images from your phone to dropbox as you are taking pictures on your phone. Then using your PC, you can upload images like you normally would, getting the images to upload from your dropbox directory to your property.

Get your free DropBox.com account here: CLICK HERE

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