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Advanced IDX

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Advanced IDX is a much more robust search, similar to searching on the actual MLS. Users can search by hundreds of different fields that your MLS offers.  Our programmers can add additional search fields (or even take some away that you don’t want). You also provide users the ability to do other types of searches, like a Listing ID Search, Map Search, Address Search or even just Basic.

Want to see a live website with Advanced IDX? Click Here.

Setup Advanced IDX:

  • Click the Setup Icon (little gear on the top left)
  • Click on Advanced IDX
  • Add New
  • Enter your credit card information
  • Fill out the required fields of the form
  • Select your MLS from the section at the bottom
  • Save on the top left

Once saved, our MLS department will email you the IDX forms to fill out as well as any instructions you will need. Please note the email will be coming from is

Once approved by your MLS, our programmers will install the Advanced IDX on your website. We will email you directly to let you know once complete.

After it has been installed, we have several options available for customization. Simply submit a Digital Customization Request with what you want and we’ll take care of it for you. Many of these options can be set for you at no additional cost. For larger requests, we’ll be sure to quote you before doing any work.

How much does Advanced IDX Cost?

The price depends on your MLS – please refer to our MLS Coverage page for current pricing.

NOTE: If you are on the Everything Elite plan, you receive a discount on the IDX! Please reach out to support to confirm the exact price.

Can I Turn On Lead Capture Popups?

Absolutely! We can take care of that for you.

  1. Do you want them to show on Search, Results, Details pages or ALL? 
  2. Would you like to set Request or Force?
    1. Request: Provides users the ability to close the prompt to view the page content.
    2. Force: If the user closes the prompt they’re redirected to your home page.
  3. Do you want them to come up right away or allow the visitor to look at X number of pages first?

[Digital Customization Request]

Can I Add/Remove Fields from the Advanced Search?

Yes, we can easily add/remove fields from the advanced search for you. Adding fields depends on availability from your MLS feed. Keep in mind that while we can remove advanced fields, removing core fields could cause layout issues. The video above goes over core vs. advanced fields.

[Digital Customization Request]

Can I set my default search page to something else, like the Map or Basic Search?

Yes, we can do that for you very easily; what page would you like to use?

[Digital Customization Request]

Can I have a saved results page to use as a link?

Absolutely, we can do a couple for you at no charge; beyond that we may need to charge a setup fee.

[Digital Customization Request]

Can I customize those search, results, and details pages?

Yes, there’s a lot that we can do. We may not be able to take every request; however, if you submit a Digital Customization Request we’ll see if our team can make the changes for you. Depending on the changes, you may receive a quote for the work.

[Digital Customization Request]

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