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When a new property website is activated in your AgentMarketing account, we now have the ability to automatically post it to your social media accounts using Zapier.

There are 2 things you will need prior to getting started:

1) Connect your AgentMarketing account to Zapier. Click here for the instructions.
2) Sign up for a Buffer or HootSuite account.

We will be using Zapier to push the property information to HootSuite/Buffer, which then pushes the property information to your social media.

How to Setup Auto-Posting to Social Media:

  • Open your Zapier account and click Make a Zap
  • Search ‘AgentMarketing Leads’ and select it as the app
  • For the Trigger Event, select Activated Property Info
  • Click Continue
  • Select your AgentMarketing account from the drop-down menu
  • Click Continue
  • Zapier will ask to run a test to make sure they can find a property in your AgentMarketing account. You can run the test or skip.
  • Select Buffer or HootSuite as the app. I am using Buffer in the example, but you will follow the exact same steps if you are using HootSuite.
  • For the Action Event, select Add to Buffer/HootSuite
  • Click Continue
  • Select your Buffer/HootSuite account from the drop-down menu
  • Click Continue
  • For the Profile, select the social media you want the properties posted to
  • Text, select Property Description
  • Photo URL, select URL For First Property Photo
  • Skip the ‘Top?’ and ‘Now?’ sections
  • Click Continue
  • It will ask you to run a test of the connection. You can run the test or skip.
  • Done! Select Turn Zap On to finalize the process.
  • When a property is activate in your account, you will have the ability to schedule when it will get posted to your social media.
  • Click the Property tab on the left, then Options
  • You will see the section for Social Media Posting Controls on the bottom left.
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