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Here you can buy add-ons for your property website, like:

  • Unique domain names
  • Sign riders
  • Water bottle labels
  • And much more!

To purchase these items:

  • Click the Property tab on the left
  • Properties
  • ‘Shop’ Icon underneath the property

  • Select which item you want to purchase by clicking on the item, then filling out the required fields for that item.

  • Once everything is in your Item List that you want to order, click Proceed.

  • Enter your shipping information, then choose your type of shipping, then click Checkout in bottom right corner.
  • Enter your billing and credit card information and click Proceed in top right to complete the transaction.

The ‘Shop’ screen is also how you activate a property:

  • Click the Property Tab on the left
  • Properties
  • Click the blue ‘Required Activation’ OR the red lock ‘Activate’ icon
  • The property website will automatically be added to your Shopping List on the right side, so you can Proceed to activate the listing or order more marketing materials then click Proceed.
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