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You have the ability to add a third-party live chat to your property sites, personal sites and squeeze pages. This allows visitors on your sites to chat with you directly. SmartSupp.com & Facebook Chat are the most common. However, we support most chat systems as long as they have provided you a code.

Adding Chat To Your Websites:

  • Click the Setup Icon (little gear on the top left)
  • Account Options
  • In the LiveChat Code section, paste the code your chat provider has given you

We recommend SmartSupp.com as a free and easy option.

  • Check the ‘Use AM SmartSupp Options’ box to easily select an icon or have your agent photo and name be used.
  • Color of SmartSupp will match your personal or property website. If squeeze page, or no primary color is found, it will use a default color.
  • You can also take the time to set up your SmartSupp account with additional features or use a photo of your own. To use the SmartSupp options from your account, leave the ‘Use AM SmartSupp Options’ box un-checked.
  • Click here to sign up for SmartSupp.com

Facebook Chat

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