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Clicking the Leads tab on the left and then Clients will take you to the Leads Manager section.

Any lead you have received through your AgentMarketing account will automatically appear here. You can also manually enter a lead’s information as well.

If you have an existing CSV file of your leads/clients, you can import them on this page. For import instructions, Click Here

The Leads Manager section allows you to:

  • Add/edit contact information
  • Make notes
  • Assign motivation and status
  • Assign color for priority
  • Add them to an email campaign or monthly newsletter
  • Assign tasks or plans

Simply click the ‘Edit’ Icon next to a leads name to edit their information.

What do I do with the lead now?

Contact them!  What we have found that works wonders is to call the leads and say, “Hi John, I noticed you had entered one of my websites looking to see some homes.  Are you information gathering?  What are you hoping to see?”

For some reason, the “information gathering” line works because everyone is gathering info.  People tend to say “Oh yeah, that is exactly what I am doing.”  The reason this is important is because people begin their search on the web and at that stage they are just gathering information.  You may have to cultivate them for 6-18 months before they are ready, but they will love that you and your agents have helped them gather information until they are ready.

What do I do then?

Accepted leads should be cultivated by being sent what they want, which is usually Real Estate listings.  The best method is to put them on an automatic drip of listings as new ones come on the market matching their criteria.  Many MLS sytems these days offer the daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. 

Working Internet Leads

These leads are different than the traditional lead.  People search on the web MUCH sooner than they are typically ready.  For that reason, you will see that most of your prospects are six to eighteen months out before they will be ready.  For that reason, it is paramount that you use a contact system to stay on top of them so they come to know and trust you…when they are ready…you will be the one they are greatful for and trust!

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