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Create as many niche community pages as you’d like here. You can use these community pages on your personal websites to display community real estate activity and create very niche neighborhood website that will score high in search engines.

Note: Community Pages are not actual websites. They are pages that can be added to your Personal Website (pURL).

To Create a Community Page:

  • Click the Setup Icon (little gear on the top left)
  • Click on Communities
  • Click Add New
  • Enter in a Community Name and Community Zip Code
  • Click Proceed

  • Click the map to create the boundaries of your community. Click your first marker to complete the shape. Press the “Clear Map” button to start over. Remember to press “Save Map” when you are done.
  • Once Saved, click Edit next to the search
  • Next to Listing Source, select your MLS from the dropdown menu and then Save

To put this Community Page on your pURL (Personal website):

  • Click the Personal tab on the left
  • Click on Personal Websites
  • Next to the website you want to add it on, click Pages
  • Add Page
  • Choose Agent Pages (on left side)
  • Choose Community Page (in Agent Pages section)
  • Menu Text – this is what will read on the tab on your website that people will click on to view the page.
  • On the right, make sure to select the Community Page you want to add
  • Click ADD at the bottom.

That will create the new page on your Personal Website with the active properties in that community.  Here is what that looks like on your pURL:

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