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Customizing your Website Menu buttons:

The menu buttons for the property websites can be customized.  You can edit what they are called, turn current buttons on or off and adjust their order.  If you would like to link to something that will enhance the property promotion, like a link to a local park or University or Golf Club, you can add a link to wherever you would like. You can also create a completely custom pages, creating your own content, adding/embedding videos, etc.

To create a custom menu:

  • Property tab on the left
  • Properties
  • ‘Tool’ Icon
  • Custom Website Menu
  • Create

When you have created a custom website menu, yellow or red rows mean:

To add a page to your property website:

  • Add New (on the top left)
  • Type in what you want the menu button to be called
  • Select if the page you will be adding is for an External URL (you will be linking to an outside website) or a Custom Page (you will be adding your own content to a blank page).
  • Save Page
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list to find the page you just created and click on EDIT icon on right side
  • If you selected External URL earlier, then you will add the link here.  If you selected Custom Page, you will add your own content here.  Make sure you save!
  • Click the ON button to make that page visible on your property website.

If you want to delete the Custom Website Menu and return to the default:

  • Click the Delete button in the top right above the custom website menu
  • Then Confirm your choice
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