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By default, we provide free domains for your property and personal websites. If you wish to customize the domain, you can either:

1) Purchase a domain from us
2) Point an existing domain that was purchased through another company to the respective website

Purchasing a domain through us for a PROPERTY website:

  • Property tab on the left
  • Properties
  • ‘Shop Icon’ underneath the property
  • Under Unique Domain Name, type in the domain you wish to purchase. 
  • Proceed on the right side of the screen, then Checkout
  • Once you have finished checking out, the domain name should connect to your property website within a few minutes. 

    Note: If you purchase a domain through us, you can re-use it amongst different websites (property or personal) or even point it to an outside website. We can also release the domain name to your full control if you ever discontinue your AgentMarketing account.

Purchasing a domain through us for a PERSONAL website:

  • Personal tab on the left
  • Domain Mgmt
  • Under ‘I need a domain’, type in the domain you want to purchase and click Search
  • If it is available, click Add to Cart
  • Checkout
  • One you have purchased the domain, go back to Personal>>Domain Mgmt>>Click ON the domain name>>Use for pURL Personal Site>>Select the website from the drop down menu and click Confirm.

Pointing an existing domain purchased through another company:

  • Personal tab on the left
  • Domain Mgmt
  • Under ‘I have a domain’ click ‘Show me How’ 
  • Select for Property Site or Personal Site
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