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Facebook Ads

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  1. Navigate to the Ad Center from your Facebook page.

2. Click the Create Ad button to start your ad. Your page must be published and allowed to create ads.

3. Choose your goal for your ad. If you are promoting your website, we recommend “Get more website visitors”. Other goals are also an option if you add certain call to action items on the graphic.

4. Add the URL you would like to share on Facebook, either your personal website, property website, squeeze page or landing page.

5. Remember to add your own customizations including image, text and other visuals.

6. Define your audience. Think about the locality, the age, and other interesting factors that might set your audience apart from the rest. Being precise, but not too narrow, will allow you maximize the audience for your ad.

7. Set your budget and your duration. Decide how much you want to spend per day and how many days you’d like the ad to run.

8. Decide where you’d like your ad to appear. Choose between Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. For most real estate purposes, Facebook and Instagram would be recommended.

9. Set your ad to publish!

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