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Facebook Flagging Property Posts as Spam

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Due to recent Facebook policy changes, shared domains have an increased chance of being blocked when posted. If sites with a shared domain are marked as spam, it increases the likelihood that Facebook will not allow the same domain to be posted again in the future.

Shared domains are the domains AgentMarketing provides for the property websites:

If your property website ends in any of these domains, Facebook may block your post or mark it as spam when you try to post it.

There are a few ways to attempt to remedy this issue:

  1. Change the subdomain for the property site to epropertysites.com. Although this is still one of our shared domains, this is the only secured one. Facebook may not flag this one.
  2. If you have a custom domain (ex: sallyrealtor.com), select it as the domain for your property websites instead of one of our shared domains.
  3. Purchase a custom domain for the website instead of using the URL we provide. Example, rather than 123MainStreet.iHouseNet.com, you can purchase 123MainStreet.com
    You can purchase a custom domain by clicking the ‘Shop’ Icon under the property, then Unique Domain Name. For further instructions, Click Here.
  4. Securing the domain you purchased. Domains can be secured by adding an SSL and they are differentiated by starting with “https://” instead of “http://”.  
    For instructions on securing your domain name, Click Here.

Please note, we are at the mercy of Facebook’s policies. We continue to try to reach out to them to remedy this issue, but they are not getting back to us. Although options 1 & 2 (above) may not work, we suggest trying them first because it does not require you to purchase anything. Options 3 & 4 are more likely to work without any issue.

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