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FAQs – Personal Tab

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On this page you will find the FAQs for each section of the Personal tab:

  • Personal Websites
  • Blogging
  • Flip Shows
  • Domain Mgmt. 

Personal Websites

Go to Personal>>Personal Websites>>Add New. It will ask for a nickname for the site. The nickname is just for your personal reference. Example: you could name it ‘My Website’. We provide a default website for you with content already on it that you can customize and edit further.

Go to Personal>>Personal Websites>>Options. Through here, you can edit the look and feel of the site.

You can follow our instructions by Clicking Here.

  1. Upload the PDF to your File Locker (from the main Dashboard of your account, click File Locker at the top of the screen in smaller writing).
  2. Copy the URL for the PDF that the File Locker provides
  3. Go to Personal>>Personal Websites>>Pages
  4. Click Add Page at the top and select ‘Link to an Outside Website’
  5. Paste the URL you copied in the URL box
  6. Type in the Menu Text (this is what will read on the tab of the website for people to click on). Example: ‘Monthly Newsletter’
  7. Add

You can follow our set of instructions by Clicking Here.

Through the back-end of your AgentMarketing account, you will always see the free URL we assign to the website (the one ending in valuedagent.com). However, you are the only person that can see that. Everyone else will see the custom domain that you have set up for the website.


Click the Personal tab on the left>>Blogging>>Add New.

For full Blogging instructions/details, Click Here

Go to Personal>>Personal Websites>>Pages>>Add New. Under ‘Common Pages’, select Read My Blog. On the right side where it says Menu Text, type in what you want it to say. This is the tab that people will click on your website to view your blog posts. Example: My Blog. Make sure to click Add once you’re done.

Flip Shows

A Flip Show is a slideshow of information. By default, we provide a Listing Presentation and Personal Marketing Book flip show. Both of them detail the features that a client would be receiving if they were to hire you for your services. You can edit these existing flip shows to make them your own, or create a brand new one from scratch. 

Simply view the Flip Show and copy the link from the address bar. You can paste it in an email, post it to social media, etc. You can also view the Flip Show on your tablet/PDF to show a client directly. We also have the option to print it out so that you have a physical copy.

Domain Mgmt

We have a set of instructions you’ll need to follow. Click Here.

Make sure you add the domain onto your Domain Mgmt screen by clicking the ‘Add Domain’ button. Once added, click on the domain name, select Use for pURL Personal Site. Select your website from the dropdown menu and click Confirm. 

The free domains we provide ending in valuedagent.com are indeed secure. However, if you are using a custom domain for the website, you’ll need to purchase a Security Certificate (SSL) for it. We offer them for $19.99 per year. Once purchased, our system automatically installs it and there won’t be anything further you need to do on your end. For instructions on purchasing an SSL, Click Here.

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