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From here, you can change/set different features globally for all of your properties.

What is a QR Code/Tag?   

A QR Code instantly connects prospects to more property information – without typing in the long URL or texting. Simply snap the tag with your mobile phone, and the QR Tag takes you there!

What is the Featured link?

When your Featured Properties are displayed (on your website or on your pURL), when someone clicks on a property, do you want them to stay on your personal website and have the property information dsplayed internally there on your personal website, or do you want a new window to open and the property website displayed?

Disclaimer footer:  This disclaimer will appear as a page on all of your property websites.  You also have the option to put the disclaimer on every page (some states require that realtors put the disclaimer on every page of the website).

Feedback Greeting:  This will be your default greeting that will appear at the top of all feedback requests for all properties unless you create a custom greeting for a specific property.

  • You can insert the property address or city in your greeting by putting ##ADDRESS## or ##CITY## where you want them to appear.
  • NOTE:  You can create a property specific greeting by clicking on your Properties tab, then Properties, then click on Tools in the bottom right for that property, then Property Options.  Type in your greeting and click  !

Feedback Questions:  The six questions here will be your default feedback questions that will appear on all feedback requests for all of your properties unless you create custom questions for your properties or for a specific property.

  • Customize these questions if you would like by typing in your questions and then clicking Save
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