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Hi Def Panoramics

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Uploading Panoramic Pictures:

Make your panoramic pictures however you like: either by purchasing a stitcher that you like, using a panoramic camera, using a panoramic lens or having someone else take your photos for you (it really is do it yourself easy though…).

  • Click on Property tab
  • Click on Properties
  • Click on the Camera in the top left corner for that property
  • Click on the Hi-Def Pano icon.
  • Click on Upload File button
  • Find the file you want and double-click on it.. 
  • Once uploaded, you can add a Title and Captions for your pictures to help describe the panos.  You can upload both 180 and 360 Panoramic pictures in one tour, just specify which one it is using the drop-down menu.

To change the order of your panos:

  • Just drag and drop each photo where you want from the Hi Def Pano upload screen

To delete a photo from your pano tour:

  • Click the  in the upper right of the picture from the Hi Def Pano upload screen
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